Australian Gamblers Tageted By Anti-Pokies Commercials

Victorian state government in Australia decided to go up against online sportsbooks with a new campaign

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Growing popularity of online sportsbooks in Australia worries the lawmakers of Victorian state. Anti-gambling groups claim that the number of problem gamblers has risen considerably in recent times due to easy accessibility of online offers. A new advertising campaign is about to launch, aimed at battling the problem.

The campaign states: “It’s easy to bet, too easy to lose” and will address online gaming technologies, available through tablets, smartphones PCs and interactive TVs. Although sportsbooks operate in full compliance with Australian gambling laws, some politicians deem their offerings dangerous.

Minister for Gaming, Michael O’Brien, said in a statement: “This accessibility, while convenient for some, poses real risks to others of increased problem gambling.” The traditional options open to gamers have been the focus of anti-gambling activist for quite some time, and now it’s the turn of online and mobile betting to shiver in fear.

Just this February a social program was launched in Bendigo, with welfare agency employees visiting gaming venues and teaching staff to identify and offer assistance to problem gamblers. However, growing popularity of online and mobile outlets made all land-based efforts dismal.

Australia gambling news learned fresh figures, issued by the Victorian government. The new researched revealed that 2.9 percent of Victorian population use internet to gamble, and popularity of online gaming increases around 20 percent annually. The research also argues that Australians are expected to lose around $600 million via online betting in 2001, up from $262 million back in 2006.

The Productivity Commission revealed findings that poker and sports betting were the fastest growing branches of gambling industry. Gaming Minister stated that the timing of the new campaign was specifically decided to coincide with the AFL finals and Spring Racing Carnival. The ads will go live on TV, in newspapers, on radio and public transport.

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