Avoid Betting on Soho Tribeca Despite Inter Dominion 2018 Odds

Soho Tribeca is the bookies’ favourite to win Inter Dominion 2018. If that is the case, why should we defy the odds?

Inter Dominion 2018
Inter Dominion 2018

Inter Dominion is the biggest harness racing in the Australasia region. According to online sportsbook news in Australia, this year’s race will take place in Tabcorp Park Melton of Victoria from December 1 to 15. As far as we are concerned, the early Inter Dominion 2018 odds are too good for Soho Tribeca’s current situation!

Soho Tribeca is Injured

Internet gambling sites in Ausralia predict the best Inter Dominion 2018 odds for Soho Tribeca (5.50) to win the race. But has his recent injury been taken into account? On July 16, Soho Tribeca’s leg was broken in the Sunshine Sprint.

Messy is the right word for the race and it ended very badly for us. His leg was badly swollen straight after it, he was rushed to the vet and they confirmed the break,” said the owner, Robert Watson.

After undergoing a surgery to take care of his broken leg, Soho Tribeca still needs time to heal and rehab in his hometown. It’s very likely that he will have little practice four months before the race. Therefore, winning the Inter Dominion is just not meant to be for Soho Tribeca this year.

Go With These Horses Instead

If we don’t bet on Soho Tribeca, the next obvious choice would be Chicago Bull (7.00). According to the best online betting sites in Australia, Chicago Bull has the lowest Inter Dominion 2018 odds, second to Soho Tribeca.

With Lazarus off the compete in North America, Chicago Bull’s chance of winning Inter Dominion is bound to increase. After all, Chicago Bull finished second in Inter Dominion 2017 only because Lazarus was the obstacle! Because of this, we believe that Chicago Bull is much more likely to win than Soho Tribeca.

On the other hand, My Field Marshall (9.00) is not a bad betting option either. Granted that his performance has been less than thrilling in the past few races. Nonetheless, My Field Marshall has the potential to pull another record breaking stunt just like this year’s Miracle Mile. It only took him 1 minute and 46.9 seconds to finish the race!

Bet on Inter Dominion 2018

Our conclusion is to avoid wagering on Soho Tribeca (5.50) because of his injury. Instead, it is better to take advantage of the early Inter Dominion 2018 odds and bet on Chicago Bull (7.00) and My Field Marshal (9.00) at Vbet Sportsbook!

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