Max Verstappen’s Belgian GP Odds: Time for a Home Victory?

All eyes are going to be on the Belgian-Dutch driver on Aug 26. Can he win in his home country? He may pull it off! Belgian fans will be happy to see the favorable Max Verstappen Belgian GP odds.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Verstappen’s name was hot on online sportsbook news sites in Hungary last week due to his swearing on team radio. After his car had another engine failure, he could not suppress his anger, using the F-word a number of times. He has since apologized for the rant, but maintains that “the disappointment” over having to retire from the fifth place “is still there.”

According to the best online betting sites in the United Kingdom, the next race may compensate for that unlucky engine failure: Max Verstappen’s Belgian GP odds are favorable. His chances of winning the GP are estimated at 10/1 (i.e., 11.00). Will he indeed climb to the top of the podium?

Verstappen’s history with the Belgian GP

So far, the driver has not had much success in the country where he was born. In 2017, he had to retire from the race. In 2016, he failed to grab points, finishing 11th. His best finish in Belgium was in 2015, when he finished 8th.

However, those statistics are somewhat misleading: the Spa-Francorchamps circuit does suit Verstappen. It was in Belgium that he overtook Felipe Nasr on the outside of the Blanchimont corner. That manoeuver even earned him the Action of the Year Award. That Verstappen has not stood on the Belgian podium yet is partly due to bad luck. Sooner or later, he will certainly begin to amaze spectators at the Spa-Francorchamps, and it is sensible to bet on that tendency to start this year.

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen’s Belgian GP odds in the betting specials

While Verstappen has realistic chances to win the Belgian GP, he is obviously an underdog behind Hamilton, Vettel, Raikkonen, and Bottas. Punters looking for safer options will be interested in the “Max Verstappen Belgian GP betting specials” that Unibet Sportsbook is offering.

It is very likely that the young driver will at least have a points finish. Following the scandal around the latest engine failure, Red Bull will spend the summer break making sure the car will not let Verstappen down again. And if that will be taken care of, the Belgian racer should have no difficulty finishing in the top 10. Depending on what place you foresee for him, Max Verstappen’s Belgian GP odds are the following:

Verstappen’s odds for a points finish at the Belgian GP

There are other exciting betting specials on offer. Let us not paint the devil on the wall, but if you suspect that Verstappen’s streak of bad luck is not over, you can bet on him becoming the first driver to retire during the race. The odds for that are 14/1 (15.00).

Looking for a more optimistic bet? Verstappen has 7/4 (2.75) betting odds for winning any race, qualification or practice. Moreover, it is not unimagine that he will finish in the top 3 both in the race and the qualification (7/1, i.e., 8.00).

These are our favorite Max Verstappen Belgian GP betting specials. Visit Unibet Sportsbook to find yours!

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