BDO World Championship 2020 Betting Odds: See the Top Favorites

  • 42nd BDO World Championship will be at O2 in London
  • In the men’s race Welsh Jim Williams is the favorite
  • Lisa Ashton can collect her fifth title in the women’s competition
BDO World Championship 2020 betting odds
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First time in London, the BDO World Championship 2020 will be held at Indigo at the O2 between the 4th and 12th of January. In the BDO World Championship 2020 betting odds last year’s semi-finalist, Jim Williams is the favorite, but top Dutch players can also take the victory. 

Even though BDO’s big rival, the PDC’s world championship is more famous, we can still see great players here. What’s more, in the first time players from Romania and France will join the competition and try to qualify for the best 32. It’s great to see new players from different countries, which can make the championship more exciting. But in general, we can say that British and Dutch players are still dominating the sport, just like in the PDC. You can also read our prediction about the PDC World Championship. But let’s see who can win in the BDO tournament. 

BDO World Championship 2020 betting odds favorize Welsh player

Last year’s winner, Glen Durrant has joined the PDC tournaments this season. So this year his throne is waiting for a new champion. Online sportsbooks in the UK are mentioning a Welsh guy, Jim Williams as a top favorite. He has the odds of 4.50. Williams reached the semi-final this year, and he also won the World Darts Trophy in Blackburn, defeating Richard Veenstra in the final. 

Biggest rivals

The Dutch player with the nickname of Flyers can be his biggest rival in the World Championship as well, he has the odds of 9.00 at bet365. Veenstra’s best result so far is reaching the semi-final in 2016, but he has been around for a few years now, winning other trophies like the British Open last year or the Dutch Open in 2019, so he is definitely one of the favorites.

But seeded as No1 by the organizers, we find his compatriot, Wesley Harms, who was given the odds of 10.00. Harms, or other known, Sparky, has reached the semi-finals twice, in 2012 and 2013, but since then he wasn’t doing great at the Worlds. But this year he seems to be in winning form again. He got the victory at several opens, including the British Open, the England National Championship or the Scottish Open. So we should expect a better result from him than this year’s when he was knocked out in the 2nd round. 

Top favorites in the women’s race as per BDO World Championship 2020 betting odds

BDO World Championship 2020 betting odds
Trina Gulliver in ’18 – Image source: Darts Planet TV / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

The first women’s world championship was held in 2001. Since then it’s popularity and the prize pool has just grown. Though women darts players are still earning a lot less than the men. Just to compare, while last year’s men’s champion took home £100, 000, the women’s champion received only £12, 000. Anyway, this championship will be the first time when one of the best players, Trina Gulliver won’t take part in it. The icon of the sport with 10 world champion titles sadly had to withdraw from the competition due to health issues. 

But in the BDO World Championship 2020 betting odds certainly, we can find other players to bet on. The biggest favorite is another multiple champion, Lisa Ashton from England who has the odds of 3.40. She managed to win the championship four times, making her the second most successful women player. But in 2019 for everyone’s surprise, she was knocked out in the first round by future winner, Japanese Mikuru Suzuki. Now Ashton will have the chance to take revenge in the final if both of them are getting there. 

New challenger from Japan

But who is this mystery champion from Japan? Well, before last year, not much was known about Mikuru Suzuki. She reached the World Masters quarter-finals twice, in 2017 and 2018, but that was it. She qualified for the World Championship for the first time this year. And Suzuki has made a little miracle to win it in her debut year. So now everyone knows her, even online gambling sites in the UK are mentioning her in the favorites. She has the odds of 4.00 to defend her title. 

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