Benefits Of Weekly Lotteries: 3 Reasons To Participate In


Posted: July 24, 2020

Updated: July 24, 2020

  • Why are weekly lotteries worth playing?
  • Top-3 reasons to buy lotto tickets every week
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The benefits of weekly lotteries are obvious for those who play them continuously. If you follow only big super draws but do not succeed, switch to weekly draws and you will see the progress. Playing lotto on a permanent basis plus a good lottery site multiplies your winning chances. 

Like other gambling activities, the lottery also has various types, special games, and the frequency of draws. While the first two points are a matter of taste, the frequency of lotto games you play affects your winning chances. Today, we will explain what benefits of the weekly lottery are there and where to find the best games.

The weekly lottery is the golden middle

There are usually four types of lottery frequency at online lotto sites in China. They are daily games, weekly/monthly draws, and Superdraws that usually take place several times per year or season. Among all, weekly draws stand out.

The benefits of weekly lotteries above the others are quite predictable. They allow playing the lottery quite often, but not getting overly excited about it. It is a perfect option for people who play not just for fun but aim to hit the jackpot, though are not ready to spend lots of money on daily tickets. All this makes the weekly lottery the golden middle between frequent daily draws and rare monthly games.

In addition, entry tickets for weekly games are usually cheaper than big draws like EuroMillions Superdraw. Yes, it gives you a much bigger jackpot in case of winning, but what if you fail? At the same time, playing lotto every week is more profitable, but this is a stand-alone advantage that deserves more attention.

benefits of weekly lotteries
Weekly lotteries are the most popular

Benefits of weekly lotteries: better winning chances

What player does not dream about hitting the jackpot? The major aim of 95% of lotto players is winning money, while only a few of them participate in draws for fun. If you belong to the majority, weekly draws are what you need to increase your winning chances.

Playing weekly lotto at increases your chances of hitting the jackpot. Firstly, you will take a solid weekly prize instead of the daily one, which is obviously less for more frequent players. On the other hand, the winning chances are better than in the monthly lotto. Finally, a big variety of games is available to play simultaneously at

Weekly lotteries have more online games

If you want to try different lotto games, go for online lotteries. There are many weekly lotto tickets & scratch cards to play on the Internet. The most popular include Mon Lotto, Wed Lotto, Sat Lotto (drawn on the corresponding days), Lotto China, Mega Sena, and various local games. Most state lotteries are drawn every week, so just check them at online gambling sites in China or choose the one in your country.

Apart from weekly lotto games, also offers Powerball, EuroMillions, and Mega Millions super draws to play. If you aim for one of the biggest jackpots in history, try them as well.

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