Best Bald Athletes Of All Time


Posted: December 30, 2022

Updated: December 30, 2022

  • The most famous sports stars without hair
  • Why did they decide to shave their heads?
  • The best bald athletes of all time

We have listed sports stars who are not only united by the fact that they are considered among the most famous in the world but also because they are all bald and proudly wear their hairlessness. They are the ones who wear their baldness so well that we can’t even imagine them with hair. According to researchers and many others, bald men look strong and masculine, and the following athletes are proof of that! Scroll down for the best bald athletes of all time!

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His Airness

Michael Jordan is considered the most successful basketball player of all time. He played a significant role in the increasing popularity of the sport and the NBA around the world. His style of play was always spectacular, and Jordan became the audience favorite quickly. It’s hard to say anything new about Jordan. The excellent basketball player spent almost his entire career with the Chicago Bulls, only strengthening the Washington Wizards in his last two years.

He achieved his greatest success with the Bulls, with whom he won six championship rings. Although, he switched careers for a short time and played baseball. In addition to his records, his influence on basketball is proved by the fact that the series The Last Dance, which presents his career, won an Emmy Award, the most prestigious television award, and became the most-watched documentary series in the history of the American ESPN sports channel. 

According to him, Jordan missed over 9,000 pitches in his career, lost almost 300 games, and missed the game-winning shot 26 times. He failed repeatedly throughout his basketball career, but that’s why he was always able to move forward. As for his iconic hairlessness, Jordan decided to have his hair shaved off due to a receding hairline in 1989. One of the best bald athletes of all time created a trend and has been bald ever since then.

Best Bald Athletes of All Time

The bald American tennis player Andre Agassi won the Grand Slam eight times. He is one of only seven athletes to win all four Grand Slams. During his professional career, he played 1174 matches and left the court as the winner 870 times. That means a 76% winning rate, so his tennis player career was on the right track, but he seemed to have a problem no one would have guessed!

The former Wimbledon champion Andre Agassi, who in the 90s was known for his extra long, highlighted haircut and characteristic headband at least as much as for his sports performance, has admitted that the thick mane was actually a wig.

He was already heavily balding in his early twenties. The tennis player says in his book that for a very long time, he was unable to put up with the fact that he was going bald. He was self-conscious and tried to hide it. However, he reached a point of no return when the tennis talent got into the final for the first time at the 1990 French Grand Slam.

The night before the game, standing in the shower, he felt his wig falling apart. Although according to many, he played as the favorite of the final, he lost. It was due to his wig and fear of humiliation on the court. The tennis star, who is now bald and has been proudly wearing this hairstyle for years, also said that his first wife, Brooke Shields, first suggested to him to stop avoiding the unavoidable and shave off the rest of his hair. In the end, Agassi got rid of the rest of his hair in a few minutes and hasn’t regretted it. 

Mike Tyson – Kid Dynamite

He was the youngest heavyweight boxing champion of all time, so he belongs on the list of best bald athletes of all time. At the age of 13, Tyson already weighed almost 100 kilos, and he proved to be amazingly talented in boxing. He started his career with 37 wins, the first 19 fights were knockouts. At the age of 20, he became the youngest world champion of all time among the heavyweights, and no one has been able to surpass this record since then. 

When he was During the 80s, a bald spot appeared above his hairline, which disappeared later. There were speculations about it: some blamed it on a barber, stress, partying, and what came with it. Theories about disorders also came up, but no matter what, he decided to shave all his hair off, stopping the rumor mill. You can find out more about his career and life at online gambling sites in the UK!

Best Bald Athletes of All Time

Floyd Mayweather, the 45 years old boxer, is a pro at spending money. Cars, women, luxury haircuts, everything a famous star athlete needs! A lady barber named Jackie Starr is responsible for the fact that the boxer is always perfectly groomed.

This includes booking several appointments a week. Mayweather pays an incredible amount each time: a thousand dollars. Do you know what the funniest thing is? That Floyd Mayweather is bald. Although he never admitted it, experts and fans spotted signs of hair transplants. Check out for yourself at online gambling sites in the UK!

Wrestling Champions Without Hair

Even though The Rock is not a pro athlete anymore, he belongs on the list. Dwayne Johnson is one of the most famous actors who are bald. The former WWE star is not bothered by this at all, in fact, he is very proud of it. On social media, Johnson revealed the reason for his baldness. We already know about Dwayne Johnson that he is a marshmallow on the inside, despite his tough exterior, and his answer was just as likable as him.

First of all, he states that he is not bald because of genetics. If he wanted, he could grow hair, but The Rock prefers not to because he doesn’t like the texture of his own hair. In this case, it is completely understandable why he decided to go bald. We all have heard interesting hair loss stories before, but this is one of the funniest and cutest reasons of them all. The Rock is always in the news, coming up with something new each year, check out what he is up to at 22Bet Sportsbook!

Stone Cold Austin

Stone Cold Austin began his career in 1989 with World Class Championship Wrestling, using his original name. He later switched to Steve Austin, where Austin refers to his hometown. Towards the end of 1995, Steve made his WWF debut. Ted DiBiase took him under his wing, and he earned the Million Dollar Championship belt. At that time, he shaved his head bald, which has been the case ever since. However, that wasn’t always the case. 

Did you know he had blonde hair to go with his facial hair? He looked like a completely different person. It was not just his looks that drew attention. He wrestled under the name Stunning Steve Austin in the USWA organization. In 2001, he won the Royal Rumble for the third time. At WrestleMania X7, he defeated Rock and became the world champion for the fifth time. Though, tt WrestleMania XIX, he faced the Rock again, where he lost.

With constant pain in his knees and neck, this was his last official WWE match. Check out some of the most cringe-worthy wrestling injuries! Although he does not wrestle anymore, he appears as a judge in various tournaments and works on his film career. In 2009, they announced that he became a member of the Hall of Fame. Many people believe that Austin was the best wrestler the world had ever seen.

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