Best Bingo Halls In the World

  • Bingo is hugely popular in the UK and in the US
  • You can play it in huge bingo halls with seats for up to 2000 people
  • Besides the paper version the electronic bingo is also available in most places

Bingo is very popular in several parts of the world from the United Kingdom to the US. Even though the online version is played by more and more people, fans still love to go out for a bingo night with their friends. In the following list, we collected the most famous venues you can play the game. Let’s see the best bingo halls in the world. 

Bingo gained popularity in the 1960s in the UK when thanks to the Betting and Gaming Act, several bingo halls were established. At that time you could find 600 bingo clubs in the country but their numbers have dropped in the last few decades. You can still find several places though to go to, just like in the US, where the game is also very popular. Of course, you can also play bingo online but if you want to try it out live, visit one of these locations for the best experience. 

Red Rock Casino In the Best Bingo Halls In the World

Las Vegas is the home of gambling so it’s only natural that you can also play bingo in most casinos. One of its greatest casinos, the Red Rock Casino has its own bingo hall which can host up to 600 players. They hold eight one-hour sessions every day and you can play all-paper or the electronic version on your own machine. With several different types of games from cash ball to progressive coverall. You can also visit the hall’s private bar or watch the in-house entertainment on the huge plasma TVs. The Red Rock Casino definitely belongs to the best bingo halls in the world. 

Beacon Bingo in London

If you’re looking for a more traditional bingo hall, you should visit Beacon Bingo in the United Kingdom. Or or as it’s called now, the Mercur Bingo in Cricklewood. It can accommodate up to 2700 players in a modern purpose-built building in North London. Where you can play the traditional paper version along with the electronic bingo.

best bingo halls in the world
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The staff is very friendly and helpful so even beginners can try their luck here. Actually Beacon Bingo might be the best place to play bingo as this venue has payed out the largest single prize, £100,000 in the game. It also holds the Guinness World Record with it. If you can’t visit the place, you can still play with bet365bingo which is one of the best online bingo sites in the UK

National Bingo Stadium in Ireland  

One of the oldest bingo halls in the world, the National Bingo Stadium in Dublin, has been holding bingo games since 1938. It is also a huge hall with seating for up to 2000 players. But usually 600-800 players are taking part in the games. Normally the venue holds bingo nights on every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings, but sadly it hasn’t organized live events this year. Until it’s open again, just visit some online casino sites in the UK. Where you can also play different bingo games

Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut

Going back to the US, we can find another example for the best bingo halls. The Foxwoods Casino in Maschantucket, in Connecticut. The place started as a bingo hall in 1986 and turned into a casino with all other amenities later. Now you can find a spa, fine dining restaurant and even a golf course at the resort.

best bingo halls in the world
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But bingo is still the main attraction in one of the biggest bingo halls which can hold up to 5000 players. The place gets especially busy at the weekends, so it’s worth visiting it during weekdays between Wednesday and Friday. You can choose between morning and evening sessions with all sessions lasting three hours. Paper and video formats are also available from a $10 admission. 

Buzz Bingo in Manchester

Finishing our list with another English venue, we have Buzz Bingo from Manchester, which is another great bingo hall. It has a super atmosphere with top prizes, snacks and cocktails. A perfect place to spend a night out with your friends and family. You can play bingo all week with several different sessions from the morning until the evening. Cheapest tickets start at £3 for an hour-long session. The payout varies from £50 to £200, but with their special bingo jackpot you can win even £50,000. And of course, they offer paper and electronic versions of bingo too. 

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