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Posted: February 2, 2023

Updated: February 2, 2023

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In this article, we are going to introduce you to the best bingo rooms at Unibet. Therefore, if you are interested in online bingo sites in the UK. Then we already have you covered with this guide. However, keep in mind that these rooms might change at any time. However, Unibet is one of the biggest European online gambling operators. Therefore, they are not going to close their bingo rooms anytime soon. However, if for any reason you don’t enjoy it, you can always find a different one.

However, we dedicated this whole article to discovering the unique rooms offered to you by Unibet. Keep in mind that all of these rooms are different in their variety. Furthermore, they might have a different RTP or community. Because yes, this is one of those amazing online bingo rooms where you can talk with people on a chat.

How The Best Bingo Rooms At Unibet Work

Before anything, first, we would like to explain how the best bingo rooms at Unibet work. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about. Because all you have to do is to register at Unibet Bingo. Make sure to verify your registration and have everything set. Then you will be able to navigate to the bingo section at the top panel. Furthermore, some of them might require an entry fee.

Best bingo rooms at Unibet
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This is usually ranging from £0.15 to £1.5. According to the Unibet Community, it is not too hard to understand these rooms. Because the community is helpful, and they have listed everything you need to know. Prepare to know these definitions before joining a room:

  • 75 or 90 Variation
  • TG = This is the number of numbers you are waiting
  • Prize = The amount you can potentially win.
  • Price = This is how much you must spend to participate

The Bingo Lobby

The Bingo Lobby is one of the most basic rooms in Unibet. Therefore, there is no entry fee added. You can still play basic bingo. However, the point of the Bingo Lobby is to talk with other bingo players. This is where you can make friends and gossip about the top bingo secrets.

This is one of the great ways to ask for something that isn’t complex if you are confused. However, you shouldn’t bring complaints and concerns to this room. Because you have the Community page, customer support service, and email to contact. Therefore, this is where the best bingo rooms at Unibet begin. Make sure to pay a visit to the Bingo Lobby. 

All Stars Is A Great Progression Room

Let the star of the best bingo rooms at Unibet steal the show already. Because All Stars is probably the best lobby you can ever join. Therefore, it is one of the progressive draws that keeps repeating itself. Make sure to catch one of them.

Best bingo rooms at Unibet
Picture Source: Flickr

However, do not start with this. Because first, you have to get familiar with the useful Bingo terms and expressions. Therefore, the All Stars is mostly for experienced bingo players.

However, if you want to be risky, we won’t stop you from trying. Just make sure to not sit more than a minute over your decision of numbers to pick. In conclusion, the All Stars costs roughly 0.15 eur and the maximum amount of tickets you can buy is 60. Furthermore, it has 75 number variations.

The Pitch – Best Bingo Rooms At Unibet

The Pitch has an awesome golf field design. Therefore, at the top of this room, you can see the other players who have joined the lobby. You will be able to chat with them. However, The Pitch is a 75 var progressive bingo lobby. The winning prize is going to increase every time someone is not winning.

The entry fee is roughly £0.50. If you enjoy progressive bingo then this is the best lobby for you. It is a calm one, and it makes you feel like you are doing some serious business. However, this one is less extra and more casual for everyone to enjoy. This was created for people to be able to calmly practice bingo with real money.

Super Saturdays

To continue with the best bingo rooms at Unibet, let’s talk about the absolute best bingo room. We are talking about Super Saturday. Therefore, this is one of the most straightforward rooms that offer a prize pool of €5.000.

Best bingo rooms at Unibet
Picture Source: Flickr

You will be able to play on Saturdays. Therefore, this is another 75 var game. The entrance fee is €1.5 this time. Therefore, every single ticket will cost you roughly €1.5. If you want similar events, check out our Cyberbingo Guide too.

The Arena – Best Bingo Rooms At Unibet

The Arena is the serious business at Unibet Bingo. Because this is where most people join after registering. Everyone enjoys the name of The Arena. However, the operator has made sure to give a reason for people to stay.

This is yet another 75 var game. According to MPL Blog, the difference between 75 and 90 var is the symbols. On the 90 var games, the dealer is going to call the winning number and you have to claim your victory if you win. However, with the 75 var game, you are hunting for symbols by picking three numbers.

Special Rooms

Finally, we wish to introduce you to one of the best features at Unibet Bingo. Because there are special rooms you can not always see. Sometimes with a mysterious key icon, not even revealing the rules until the thing is open. However, sometimes it is a celebrity room with extremely good pay and cheap price. Always be on the hunt for these, because these are one of the best bingo rooms at Unibet.

However, always check the RTP of the games. According to the Gambling Commission, the RTP means a return to players. Therefore, you purchase a ticket, and you will receive a certain amount of RTP from each game. However, some amount is the cost which will be kept by the machine. In conclusion, if a game has 85% RTP, then you can win an average of 85 pence for every £1 spent.

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