The Best Browser for Online Gambling in 2017

best browser for online gambling 2017

Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Opera? Whe are revealing the best browser for online gambling in 2017. Check out comprehensive reviews or download the browsers from the official sites.

After reviewing the most popular browsers on our quest to find the best for online gambling, it’s time to list them, from best to worst. If you want a detailed explanation, please click the review button at end the end of each paragraph or proceed to the official download page.

Opera – the Best Browser for Online Gambling

Opera, is hands down the best browser for online gambling. It comes with a native and integrated VPN service for free, which will save you time and trouble in the long run. Besides the free VPN, the latest version of the Opera browser has built-in battery saver mode and ad-block, two features that will elevate your overall browsing experience. In our extensive review of Opera for online gambling, you’ll find a step-by-step manual to help set-up the browser.

Chrome – a Close Second

Google Chrome might not be the best browser for online gambling in its natural state but in a few steps, you can turn it into Opera’s close contender. Chrome has an amazing selection of extensions, including working and free proxies. The downside of adding an extension to Chrome is that they slow-down your computer by consuming more memory and also drain your battery in a much faster pace. Still, if you’re a loyal Chrome user you can adjust the browser for all your gambling needs with the help of Proxy and VPN add-ons.

Firefox – Shortage of useful tools

Firefox is far behind Opera and Chrome when it comes to online gambling. The vast selection of extensions is pretty misleading. There might be millions of extensions available, but most of them are not actually free or don’t work at all. We managed to one working VPN Proxy extension, but based on past experiences and reviews, chances are high that it will soon become monetized. If you don’t mind hunting for new VPN tools every season, Firefox can be just good.

Edge – not for Online Gambling

Edge, Microsoft’s fresh take on browsers, is an excellent browser for general needs. However, it’s the worst browser for online gambling needs. Unfortunately, Edge doesn’t have an integrated VPN service, nor a satisfying supply of extensions. Edge is pre-installed on all Windows 10 computer, alongside Internet Explorer, so you can still use it, if you’re visiting your usual internet casinos. The main advantage Edge as your general browser is that it’s really gentle with your computer’s battery, therefore you can play at internet casinos for a much longer time in case you don’t have a charger at hand.

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