Best Casino-Themed Board Games

  • Board games are perfect to have some fun with your friends and family
  • There are several casino-themed board games to choose from
  • In the classic Casino the Board Game players can try out all kinds of gambling games
best casino-themed board games

Casinos have already appeared in several films, series, and music videos, due to their popularity all around the world. It is a special experience to enter them and play poker, blackjack, or roulette at one of the tables against other players. But even if we can’t visit them, we can have a great time with our friends at home with the best casino-themed board games. 

Christmas is getting closer so we are likely to spend more and more time selecting presents for our family and friends. Most of us are also looking forward to spending more time with them during the holidays. After having a nice meal and opening presents, surely there will be lots of possibilities to play some games too. When a casino-themed board game can be just the perfect entertainment you were looking for. 

Vegas Showdown Is In the Best Casino-themed Board Games

Where else could one of the best casino-themed board games take place than in the home of gambling, in Las Vegas. In the game called Vegas Showdown, all players have to build their own hotel/casino. Including lounges, slots, and restaurants. You need to bid in auctions to win those rooms in your building which can all increase the value of your hotel/casino. If you’ve won one of the bids, you can put the tiles on your map, until you get a fully built building. It’s a great game to improve your design skills as you need to puzzle all pieces. But you can practice your business skills as well during the auctions. 

Lords of Vegas

The main aim of Lords of Vegas is similar to the previous game, as you also have to build casinos. But not only one building, a whole area on The Strip, on the main avenue of Las Vegas.

best casino-themed board games
Picture Source: Pixabay

First players only have parking lots but they can build casinos on them after picking a card. And of course, after paying the right amount of money for them. You also have to place a die with the value that appears on the lot. The player who has a bigger die value than the one in the casino will become the casino’s boss. The aim is to have the most casinos and be the biggest boss. If it sounds a bit complicated, you can always play on online casino sites in the US that offer easier entertainment. 

Casino the Board Game

If you can get bored easily with playing just one game, Casino is the perfect choice for you. As it offers a huge selection of different games in one board game. It’s also useful to learn the rules of different casino games like baccarat, Omaha, or slots. Casino, the all-in-one game is a real classic as it was made in 1981.

But it’s still very popular among players. It can remind many people of Monopoly but here you find Casino games on the tracks instead of streets. Players need to play and place a bet after landing on one of the tracks. The design of the game might be a bit old school.  It offers though a great opportunity to try out all kinds of games before visiting one of the online gambling sites in the US. 

Casino Yahtzee

The next game on our list of the best casino-themed board games is Casino Yahtzee, which is a mixture of gambling and strategy. As you need to roll the dice and cover rows of numbers with your chips. Each player can pick five numbers but how you select them is up to you. So either using all five different colored dice or just picking two of them. You can score different amounts of points with each different colored row.

best casino-themed board games
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

So the main aim is to try to win the rows with the highest points. Each row can only be scored once so the others can block you if they roll the numbers first. This game reminds me a bit of bingo, which you can also play online now on Bovada Casino

Welcome to Real Vegas

Welcome to Real Vegas is a modern version of the above-mentioned Casino, as you can also play all kinds of casino games from Poker to Roulette. In this game, players play as a group. While the winner is the player who has the most money when the first player crosses the finish line. The new version of the game is Welcome to New Las Vegas, which is actually a sequel to the original game. But it is recommended to only experienced players so beginners shouldn’t start with it. Luckily you can also find several online poker sites as well if you prefer to stick with the well-known games. 

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