Best Christmas Lotteries to Play Online!

  • Powerball and MegaMillions offer some of the best jackpots
  • Spanish Christmas Lottery happens once in a year and pays out millions of euros in one year
Best Christmas lotteries to play online

Just one more month and Christmas is there which means it’s the time to look for the best Christmas lotteries to play online! 

Online lotteries have already stolen the hearts of many gamblers. So, there are many online gambling sites in the US where you can play the lottery. TheLotter and Jackpot.com can offer you a great variety of lottery games as well as the best betting odds. There are also great online gambling bonuses in the US waiting for you!

Below we shared some lottery games that you can try and find your favorite one.

Enjoy the games at any time from any location you want!

Best Christmas lotteries to play online – Powerball

Powerball is one of the most popular lotteries played in the world and it’s also one of the best Christmas lotteries to play online for you. The game reached us from the US and 44 states can enjoy the game. The rules are very easy to understand just like many other lottery games. What you have to do in a game is to pick the correct mix of five numbers in the range between 1 to 69. Then, you also have to select one number in the range from 1 to 26. There are different ways to win the Powerball prize, and some Powerball winning tips can increase your odds to win.

Powerball offers some of the greatest prizes which makes it this popular. The Powerball has already established itself as a successful lottery, so, it’s definitely worth trying for every gambler at least once.

Best Christmas lotteries to play online
What’s your lucky number?

Get the chance to hit the jackpot of $40 with Mega Millions

One more lottery that offers great jackpot rewards is Mega Millions. It guarantees the grand prize of $40 million! But your winning odds are lower though. Well, the higher the prize the higher the risks.

The game has been around since 2002 and at the beginning stages, only six states could join it. Today, however, it’s available in 44 states!

The Mega Millions and Powerball are frequently compared to each other, both being some of the best Christmas lotteries to play online!

It’s not difficult to understand how to play Mega Millions, you just have to pick the 5 numbers out of 70. And there is one more ball that you need to pick from 25 balls. Reading about some ways on how to win the jackpot in Mega Millions can considerably make you luckier. So, give it a try.

Best Christmas lotteries to play online – Eurojackpot

Eurojackpot is a European lottery and it has only emerged in live and online casinos in the US in 2012. Just as in the case with many other best Christmas lotteries to play online, the selection of countries that could play was pretty narrow. Nevertheless, there are 18 countries today that can play it. The prize of a ticket is usually around 2 euros but there might be slight differences between countries and providers.

So, this lottery is based on a two-drum concept. It means, there is a white-ball drum that has 50 balls and there is another drum with 10-euro balls. You pick 5 balls from the white-ball drum and 2 from the other drum right to hit the jackpot.

The game also has a jackpot rollover function. This means if there is no one who wins the lottery, the prize increases and moves to the next round.

Enjoy the great prizes of EuroMillions

The next famous lottery that most gamblers love is EuroMillions. In some way it resembles EuroJackpot, however, there are some important points to know about.

There are 12 Lucky Star balls in the second drum. But the overall concept of the game where you have to pick 5+2 numbers remains the same as in EuroJackpot.

There are two draws every week and though the chances to win the jackpot might be lower than in other lotteries, the prizes are better.

The minimum size of the jackpot is €15 Million while the maximum is €190 million.

Best Christmas lotteries to play online
Let’s play!

The lottery we wait the whole year for – Spanish Christmas Lottery

Spanish Christmas Lottery is one of the oldest and at the same time, most favorite lotteries played in Spain. The game has been around for more than 120 years. The reason why so many people love this lottery is simply because, among all the best Christmas lotteries to play online, this one offers the highest payouts. And it’s not only about the jackpot, there are also many smaller prizes that you can win. Millions of dollars are paid out every year by Spanish Christmas Lottery.

So, as you can guess from the name the lottery draws take place once a year only – before Christmas. The day the El Gordo is drawn everyone’s eyes are on the screens.

This is a very unique and exciting lottery game that the gamblers are impatiently waiting for the whole year. Once you play it, you will know that feeling of excitement.

Channel Islands Christmas Lottery is British Isles’ one of the oldest lotteries

The Channels Islands Christmas Lottery was established in 1975 which is why it’s one of the oldest lotteries in the British Isles.

The concept is the following: the games consist of two parts. There are instant-scratch cards that you can play any time and there is a yearly Christmas Draw with the top prize. There are also many other cash prizes though.

You can discover more about TheLotter here.

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