Time to Win in Spain – Spanish Christmas Lottery!


Posted: November 3, 2020

Updated: November 3, 2020

  • Spanish Christmas Lottery is one of the most prized lotteries in the world
  • El Gordo is drawn once a year

If you are a lottery lover then you probably heard about the Spanish Christmas Lottery before. 

Spanish Christmas Lottery, also known as El Gordo, means “the fat one” in English. Well, it’s an indeed heavyweight lottery, so, it’s fair to call it so. Nevertheless, though there are some other “El Gordo” in Spanish lotteries, Spaniard will understand what you mean.      

It’s one of the most entertaining and exciting lotteries in the world as it’s one of the most prized lotteries.

Vocabulary to Know for the Spanish Christmas Lottery

Spanish Christmas Lottery has some vocabulary to know. Thus, before you start, learn those terms to understand the game better.

Billete. This refers to a lottery ticket. So, the whole ticket set will cost you €200. This set comprises 10 décimo with the same number and serie and the drawing has 170 series with 170 billetes.  

Décimo.1/10 of the ticket that costs €20. 

Número. The main number of five digits of the billete, participación and decimo. 

Participación. Décimo’s small portion.

Serie. Billetes kit that have the same número. Every serie includes 100K billetes. 

Spanish Christmas Lottery
Let’s play!

Lottery That Brings Magic in Christmas

22nd of December is the day many Spaniards are waiting for. This is the day Spanish Christmas Lottery is drawn every year and it lasts around 4 hours.

But the time passes so fast when you’re doing something you enjoy. Just as watching the Spanish Lottery draws. This lottery is what brings some Christmas magic to the whole country. 

Almost every family in Spain gets the Spanish lottery ticket which makes the Spanish Christmas Lottery one of the most-awaited events every year. 

If you would like to join, you need to have Spain’s residence. Nevertheless, you can try playing Spanish Lottery Online at online casinos in Spain! Check Bet365 Sportsbook out and try the games. Do not forget to try other games and use online gambling bonuses in Spain. You can also try some other online gambling sites in Spain and try your luck! Maybe you’ll get your life-changing ticket there? 

Why Is the Lottery This Popular?

In contrast to, say, National Lottery or Euro Millions, The Spanish Christmas Lottery is what we can call a genuine lottery. So here how it goes in genuine lotteries. A certain number of winning tickets for the number of prizes are all defined on the draw day. And the overall number of the sold tickets determine it. However, the lotto does not lead to the jackpot win, it goes continuously. In the end, you can play El Gordo only once a year.

As we said, this Christmas Lottery is one of the most prized lotteries in the entire world, therefore, so many people participate and wait for it. The total prize pool is approximately €2.3 billion.

One more great thing about El Gordo is that it manages the prize money fairly. Especially compared to other lottos. Moreover, your chances to win are way higher than in another lotto. 


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