Covas Leads at the 2020 Sao Paulo Mayor Election Odds

  • Bruno Covas leads in all polls
  • Celso Russomanno has been closing the distance
  • Sao Paulo mayor election to take place on 15 November
2020 Sao Paulo mayor election odds

The 2020 Sao Paulo mayor election odds are favoring the incumbent Bruno Covas to retain his job. However, most pollsters suggest he is ahead of his top rival Celso Russomanno only within the margin of error. No doubt the race is far from being over, which makes it highly intriguing to place a bet.

Sao Paulo residents are about to head to the polls on 15 November 2020 to elect a mayor, a vice-mayor, and 55 city council members. As for the most important box on the ballot the mayor, there will be 11 names. Online sportsbook news in Brazil suggests the incumbent mayor Bruno Covas and the challenger Celso Russomanno are on top of the list.

The most recent projections

According to the Ibope, the current mayor Bruno Covas will most likely win 26 percent of the total votes. The top challenger Celso Russomanno will probably get 20 percent of the votes. Whereas the underdogs including Guilherme Boulos (13 percent), Marcio France (11), and Arthur do Val (3) are trailing behind.

Datafolha suggests the mayoral election race is closer with the top two contenders separated by the margin of error. Accordingly, Covas might win 23 percent of the votes, while Russomanno might get 20 percent. Boulos holds 14 percent and Franca is at 10.

2020 Sao Paulo mayor election odds
Sao Paulo – Who’s going to win?

2020 Sao Paulo mayor election odds on Covas

The current mayor Bruno Covas who assumed office in 2018 is up for reelection. He is a respected lawyer and economist, and he has been connected to politics since childhood. The strong support among Sao Paulo residents for Covas’s re-election stems not only from his good record of governance but also from his father’s good reputation. At 22BET Sportsbook, Covas is on top of the 2020 Sao Paulo mayor election odds with a value of 1.6.

Russomanno hopes to make an upset

The Federal deputy and the TV Record host Celso Russomanno stands at 2.88 odds, according to online sportsbooks in Brazil. Russomanno has been closing the distance with the incumbent mayor in the past several months. It is most likely because he aligned himself with the incumbent president Jair Bolsonaro. However, it remains to be seen if he can win the top spot or be the runner-up.

The underdogs

Among the top underdogs is Guilherme Boulos (14.5) the nominee of Socialism and Liberty Party. He is well known for his 2018 presidential election run. Boulos failed to make it to the runoff in 2018, but he received more than 600 thousand votes. The other underdog is Arthur do Val who values 17 at the 2020 Sao Paulo mayor election odds. He is a successful entrepreneur and a member of the Free Brazil Movement. Do Val has more than 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube, which will have a strong influence on the election results.

If you wish to see the best odds of all the other candidates, just check out the review about 22BET Sportsbook. You can also have a look at the 2020 Rio mayor election winner predictions, with the Rio election taking place on the same day.

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