Hanukkah and Gambling – What Is the Connection?

  • The Hanukkah festival lasts for eight days
  • The festival is full of fun and warmth!
Connection between gambling and Hanukkah

Hannukah is famous for being the Jewish Festival of Lights but have you ever heard of the connection between gambling and Hanukkah? 

The festival starts on the 25th day of the Kislev and lasts for eight days. Usually, this period falls in December and might overlap with Christmas sometimes (as it happened in 2016) which is a great time for online gambling promotions in the US as well. This year, Hanukkah will take place starting from December 10th until December 18th.

This is a family holiday; therefore, people usually celebrate it at home. So, the festival fills the freezing December with love, warmth, and light. This is the time of giving and receiving gifts from your beloved ones. And this is also the time for having fun and playing different games, including playing with dreidels.

Connection Between Gambling and Hanukkah – What Ties These Two?

Connection between gambling and Hanukkah
It’s connected!

The story of the Purim revolves around the Jews of Shushan who had no power. Despite this, they managed to win over their enemies though the chances were so low.

Purim is considered as an overturn of the commonly accepted things. This turned out to be a day of the year when you can do the things you are not allowed to do on any other day. People drink more than they usually do, where dressing up in costumes, and were gambling! On the day you can do whatever you want, why not enter online casinos in the US and or gamble with friends? It will be a lot of fun!

And the story of Hanukkah is not far from it. That’s because Maccabean’s small forces could push the Seleucid Greeks away. And they could regain the Temple. The chances were so small, but they still did it.

These stories give us a hint into understanding the connection between gambling and Hanukkah.

Historical sociologists provided one more assumption – they believe that teetotum’s Yiddish is the version that Ashkenazim played. It was expressly popular in Germany during Christmas and was played in December which made it attached to Hanukkah.

Reasons to Love Hanukkah

The first and foremost reason why people love the Hanukkah holiday is just because it’s the time of having fun. But there are some other reasons to value this holiday.

Hanukkah menorahs are some of the most favorite ritual objects. The atmosphere an ordinary candle gives is great, so, think of what a menorah creates! And today you can find different variations of those.

You can eat as many fried meals as you wish. Just everything that you can fry in oil.

Presents, endless celebrations, and a lot of fun – just lose it! Enjoy your drinks and meals as much as you want.

The connection between gambling and Hanukkah is another reason to love the holiday. Though the stakes are purely innocent, it remains to be gambling. In the end, Hanukkah is just the perfect opportunity to spend time with your family and gamble together.

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