Best Country to Gamble in 2021 Where to Hit a Jackpot

  • According to statistics, more than 25% of the population of our planet gambles.
  • The pace of development of online and offline gambling demonstrates impressive growth.
  • Therefore, we have decided to find the best country to gamble in 2021.
best country to gamble in 2021

According to statistics, more than 25% of the population of our planet gambles. The pace of development of online and offline gambling demonstrates impressive growth, steadily adding to turnover by an average of 10-15% per year. Online gambling accounts for more than 80% of the entire industry, which is more than $ 500 billion annually. Moreover, these indicators will only grow. Therefore, we have decided to find the best country to gamble in 2021.

There are countries in the world where the gambling business is not only officially allowed but also brings good income to both casino owners and the state in the form of tax. If you go there, you can not only spend extra money but also tickle your nerves. When it comes to gambling, the mass consciousness paints the lights of a Las Vegas casino. However, the United States, oddly enough, is not the most gambling country in the world. Although you will enjoy hitting jackpots in the online casinos in the USA.

Australia welcomes gamblers!

And the top of the list is a continental country, one of the world leaders in terms of living standards, where the average cost of gambling is about $ 1150 per capita. The main language is English. The income of Australians: a living wage of about $ 1010, an average salary of $ 2,000 ($ 12 per hour), while a salary of $ 3,000 for a representative of an ordinary profession is considered quite optimal.

The most popular games here are slots and poker, with half of the country’s slot machines located in New South Wales. However, the Australian government is trying to reduce the excitement of the population for online and offline gambling by raising taxes, interest rates in banks and introducing bans on gambling. Fortunately, this has practically no effect. Indeed, the TOP online gambling games in Australia are roulette, poker, slots, bingo, and blackjack. However, if you have no opportunities to visit this faraway best country to gamble in 2021, you can always check out the Bovada Casino.

Best country to gamble in 2021: Singapore

Singapore is a country where about ¼ of the population are businessmen with foreign capital. The unemployment rate is 2%, the minimum wage is $ 965 + there is an opportunity to receive benefits for $ 250, the average salary is $ 3145. Moreover, according to the official statistics, over $ 1200 in annual gambling losses per adult. Besides, there are 20 languages ​​spoken in Singapore, but the main ones are English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil (Indian). This fact attracts many gamblers from over the world.

They opened the first casino here in 2010, but gambling spread like wildfire, causing great concern to the government and residents of the country. In Singapore, family members can ban you from gambling at the legislative level. However, even such restrictions do not stop residents. The TOP online gambling games in Singapore are slots, roulette, black Jack, and poker. Besides, you can practice all these games in online casinos in the USA before visiting Singapore.

Hit your jackpot in Ireland!

Ireland is the best country to gamble in 2021 because English is a local language here. With high tax rates (about 40%), but the minimum wage is 1500 euros, the average is 3000 euros. Besides, in Ireland, the government has set limits on bets in slot machines – no more than $ 0.001784. However, this does not prevent residents from losing on average more than $ 600 per person, especially since online gambling is an excellent solution to gamble for any amount. Moreover, here 35% of active players aged 25-34. The most common ways of gambling in Ireland are roulette, baccarat, blackjack, slots, poker, and bingo. And if you are not keen on Ireland, check the Best Alternative Cities For Gambling.

best country to gamble in 2021

Best country to gamble in 2021: Canada

According to statistics, ¾ of adults in Canada are constantly involved in gambling. Active players aged 25-65, who are distributed in equal shares of 20% for the following categories: 25-34,35-44,45-54 and 55-64. Moreover, here the main trend is scratch (lottery in the form of an adventure game) and classic lottery. In the past, even children were given lottery cards for holidays and birthdays. However, now they have banned such gifts because the government is trying to reduce the excitement around gambling among young people.

On average, every Canadian adult loses about $ 600 a year on gambling, and this has long been the norm. Official languages ​​are English (over 50%) and French (over 20%). Moreover, about 3.5% of the population speaks Chinese, and more than 20% are immigrant languages ​​(Spanish, Italian, Arabic, German). The Canadian TOP online gambling games are slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker. By the way, you can enjoy all your favorite games in the Bovada Casino without leaving the comfort of your home for Canada.

Warm up in Finland with gambling!

According to official data, more than 40% of the adult population in Finland constantly spends more than $ 550 on gambling. Therefore, the government had to raise the minimum age for gambling from 15 to 18 to prevent the threat from spreading to young people. By the way, in Finland gambling is considered one of the most popular types of recreation in 2020. The an annual turnover is $ 3.2 billion. Besides, a high standard of living and an average income of 3300 euros are doing their job.

Marketing slogans for the Finnish gamblers are in the style of “you lost, another won.” These people just regularly lose money in offline and online casinos and believe that they are doing it for the general good. As in Ireland, in Finland, approximately 35% are players aged 25-34. The official languages ​​are Swedish, Finnish, but, as in the entire European Union, English is also very popular. Moreover, here gamblers mainly enjoy slots and a variety of online casino games, including roulette and blackjack. This is what makes Finland the best country to gamble in 2021.

The best country to gamble in 2021: USA

best country to gamble in 2021
USA is the best?

The United States has several huge gambling zones, the most famous of which is undoubtedly Las Vegas. We can say that the entire city consists of casinos, clubs, and other similar establishments. Indeed, the gambling business forms are the basis of the city’s economy. People specially come to Las Vegas from other countries to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of excitement. Thus, if you suddenly have an “extra” tidy sum, then Las Vegas is a great way to spend it.

One of the most famous casinos in this city is the Stratosphere Las Vegas, a casino hotel located on the Las Vegas Strip. The area of ​​the gambling establishment is 7 thousand m2, and there are games for every taste – cards, roulette, slot machines. Besides, in some halls, you can place bets on sweepstakes like horse races taking place throughout the country. By the way, Stratosphere attracts gamblers with its democratic rates compared to most other city casinos. For example, the minimum bet in blackjack here is only five dollars.

Monaco is all about luxury gambling

The gambling business in Monaco is one of the leading sectors of the country’s economy. Of course, law regulates everything here. Casinos in Monaco are considered the most prestigious casinos in the world, first of all, not even to the service and the variety of entertainment provided, but to the clientele. To get into one of the establishments, you will have to observe a certain Dress Code: a suit, shirt, and tie for men and an evening dress for women. The stakes in Monaco casinos are quite high. Unfortunately, having about ten dollars in your pocket, you cannot hit the jackpot even with great luck. Therefore, you have to stock up on a larger amount. Additionally, Monte Carlo is one of the oldest casinos in Europe. And if you do not want to spend a lot of money in Monaco, just visit the Bovada Casino instead!

The best country to gamble in 2021: Malta

Thanks to the progressive legislation in the field of gambling regulation, anyone who has sufficient funds can open a casino in Malta. The state provides entrepreneurs with the maximum degree of protection and confidentiality in doing business in this area. Therefore, it is not surprising that more than a hundred casinos, slot machine halls, lotteries, bookmakers, and betting exchanges are located in the country. In Malta, the laws on gambling business are regulated. In particular, it is the only country in the world where the types of gambling businesses are spelled out in the relevant legislation.

best country to gamble in 2021
Have you been to Malta?

The most famous Maltese gambling establishments are the classic Dragonara Casino, more modern and undemanding to the player’s budget and dress code Oracle Casino, the luxurious Casino at Portomaso and known as the Casino di Venezia museum. Besides, some online casinos in the USA have their Maltese license.

Great Britain welcomes gamblers!

A passion for gambling is common in almost all Britons. People in this country began to gamble several centuries ago. Then they made bets on horse races and sports. Relatively small gambling houses appeared in Great Britain a couple of centuries ago and have been successfully operating since then. In 2007, Prime Minister Tony Blair proposed opening several huge casinos in London, comparable in scope and luxury to the casinos of Las Vegas. Initially, it was planned to open 40 such establishments. However, as a result, only one so-called “super-casino” Ritz appeared in London.

British casinos are surprising, first of all, because they do not give credits here. Indeed, the pedantic Englishmen decided that you can only play for cash. If you have spent all the money that was in your wallet, do not ask for a loan from the casino or offer real estate, jewelry, or any other valuable asset as collateral. In this case, you will most likely be rejected. Besides, check Top-5 Best Airport Casinos In The World. And if traveling is not an option for you now, visit the Bovada Casino to enjoy your favorite hobby!

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