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Best Crypto Slots In Hungary

In this article, we are going to show you the best crypto slots in Hungary. Because the future is already here. Therefore, you can play your favorite casino games online. Furthermore, you can use cryptocurrency at most of the online casino sites in Hungary. However, this payment method has many advantages. According to the NAV, there are new taxings on personal income based on cryptocurrency. However, casino winnings do not add up to your income.

Therefore, you should take advantage of the great Hungarian laws to enjoy your crypto winnings. This is why we have created this list. Because these games, sites, and apps will not leave you unsatisfied. However, if you are new to this payment method, then start with something like this. For example, check out the latest display of crypto in South Park.

About The Best Crypto Slots In Hungary

According to Deloitte, there are no significant regulative laws about the use of cryptocurrency. Therefore, you should play with your coins until they decide to regulate them. Because you can take advantage of many things when it comes to gambling and cryptos. Therefore, we have collected the best crypto slots in Hungary. These are games available at operators that allow you to play with BTC, ETH, LTC, and more. Therefore, you can request a cash out using crypto. However, if you are not a fan of playing with your holdings. Then you can always use Euro or Dollar as a payment option too. Therefore, the possibilities are endless.

1. Satoshi’s Secret – The Best Crypto Slots In Hungary

Let’s start the list of best crypto slots in Hungary with something true to the theme. Therefore, Satoshi’s Secret is one of the best games for those who want to feel immersed in playing with cryptos. Because this game has a graphical design of a hacker.

Best Crypto Slots In Hungary
Picture Source: Pexels

The symbols are rolling around with BTC and other blockchain-related cryptos or symbols. Furthermore, it is one of the most popular slot games at Bitstarz Casino. According to CoinTelegraph, XRP is available for Binance users now. Therefore, we can expect new cryptocurrencies to join the available payment methods for these games.

2. Plinko – The Most Unique Slot

If you like to be up to date with technology. Then you will also love the new cryptocurrencies for gambling. However, we have even more to offer you. Because Plinko is a new world slot machine game. Furthermore, it is one of the best crypto slots in Hungary. Therefore, in this game, you are not going to watch symbols randomly spinning around. However, you don’t have to do anything more than bet your money.

Therefore, in this game, a ball is going to land in one of the numbers. You have to bet on the numbers the ball can land on. This is the mixture of a slot machine game and roulette. Therefore, it is exclusive to online play only. Because such a game can not be replicated in land-based casinos. Register at Bets.io Casino to find Plinko.

3. Greedy Wolf – The Best Offers

Greedy Wolf is another game on the list of best crypto slots in Hungary. Furthermore, it is also brought to you by BitStarz. Therefore, Greedy Wolf is the sister game of another similar slot machine game. Therefore, in this game, you will have to play the wolf, and there are three pigs.

Best Crypto Slots In Hungary
Picture Source: Flickr

However, the slot machine frame is the house of the pigs from the famous story. Your goal is to break the bank by winning cash, so the pigs can break the walls down. This is a fun game that offers several free spins and multipliers.

4. Super Sevens – Best Crypto Slots In Hungary

If you are not a fan of innovative games. Then we have the good old online casino game called Super Sevens. Of course, we know that this is not only one of the best crypto slots in Hungary. Because this game existed much before crypto broke into the online casino sites. However, websites such as National Casino are working in different ways. Because you can win credit on the website.

Therefore, when you cash out, you can request your payment to be done with crypto. This means that you are exchanging the currency you won on the slot machines for another one. Therefore, you can play most of your oldies, and still pay and get paid using cryptos such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Super Sevens is a modern and online slot game where you must align sevens to win the jackpot.

5. Juicy Fruits – For Simplicity

If you want to play something that is not too complicated, but you still wish to pay with crypto. Then you have websites such as the new EuSlot Casino. They will offer you the same payment profile mentioned above. Therefore, Juicy Fruits is one of the best crypto slots in Hungary.

Best Crypto Slots In Hungary
Picture Source: Free SVG

Because it is nothing new when it comes to innovations. Therefore, you don’t have to complicate your slot machine games just to pay with crypto. In this game, you have to align fruit symbols and win bells for multipliers. Therefore, this is another game of simplicity. 

6. Cleo’s Gold – A Classic In New Dress

Of course, we can not talk about the best crypto slots in Hungary with Cleo. Because this game is one of the most iconic on the whole list. Therefore, this is the modern version of the popular Cleopatra slot machine games. If you want to put a little Vegas in your home, then all you have to do is to play this slot sometimes. Because Cleo’s Gold is available at most of the casino sites mentioned in this article.

However, keep in mind that this is a modern version. Therefore, if you had problems with the previous versions, then you might like this one. Because they changed everything bad about it. If you are a casino veteran, then you will remember the music.

7. Monopoly Live – Pay With Crypto

At the end of the list, we feel like it is important to mention monopoly live. Because Bets.io brings you one of the most innovative games to ever exist. Therefore, Monopoly Live is one of the most diverse slot games you’ll ever see. It is a mix of all existing gambling games.

Therefore, you will have to watch a live casino stream and bet with money. However, you will bet on a monopoly simulation of roulette mechanics. Therefore, you will be able to win with a slot-machine-like random reward system. If you enjoy innovations such as this, then check out our 2022 cryptocurrency betting predictions. Try Monopoly Live at Bets.io Casino. Because this is one of the best crypto slots in Hungary when it comes to innovation.

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