Best Managers of the Premier League

  • Premier League was established in 1993
  • Top managers from all over the world have worked in it
  • The most successful manager with 13 titles is Sir Alex Ferguson
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There have been several great managers working in the Premier League since its foundation in 1993. Many think it’s the best football league in the world, with top teams, star players and fantastic level of football. No wonder most of the greatest managers have spent shorter or longer periods working here, let’s see the best managers of the Premier League. 

To be successful in the Premier League you need a lot of patience, charisma and experience as the pressure here is much bigger than in other football leagues. Football in the UK is one of the most important things, with thousands of fans supporting even the smaller teams. They have high expectations and can lose their patience easily if results are not great. Journalists are also not easy to deal with and not everyone can cope with them. But the most successful managers have managed to keep their self-control and led their teams to championship titles. 

Italians in the best managers of the Premier League

Even though you’d think only English managers can be successful in England, the case is almost the opposite. Managers from Italy, Spain or Germany have all achieved great results from winning Premier and FA Cup titles to even Champions League victories. Let’s start with Italian managers who often choose England as their new destination. 

best managers of the Premier League
Italians are the best.

Like Claudio Ranieri, who led his team Leicester City to the Premier League title in the amazing season of 2015/16. Before this miracle, Ranieri had some experience in top English football as a manager of Chelsea. He worked at the Blues for four years, between 2000 and 2004. His best result with the team was a 2nd-place finish but it wasn’t enough to keep his post. Then he worked at Valencia and all the big Italian clubs But he reached his biggest success with Leicester, who won the Premier League against all the odds. Ranieri was voted the Manager of the Season and became part of football’s history forever. 

Champions with Chelsea

Other Italian managers reached similar successes with big teams like Chelsea and Manchester City. Carlo Ancellotti and Antonio Conte became champions with Chelsea but their reigns at the club were short lived. Even fans were surprised when Ancelotti were sacked after two years, even though he won the PL and FA Cup in his first season, and finished second with the team in his following year. But we shouldn’t feel sorry for Ancelotti as since then he has been at Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich winning titles with all of his teams. Now he is back in the UK as the manager of Everton. Though Premier League is on hold at the moment, you can make bets on virtual PL games on bet365.

Conte had a similar fate, winning the title in his first season and being sacked after his second. For his place, no joking, another Italian manager, Maurizio Sarri was appointed. Roberto Mancini was the manager of Manchester City for four years. He didn’t have an easy job to manage a team full of great but often selfish stars like Yaya Toure, Jerome Boateng or Samir Nasri. Mancini won the FA Cup and the Premier League with the team, but couldn’t connect to the players as online sportsbooks news in the UK were reporting. He was sacked in 2013. Now he is the manager of the Italian national team which is one of the favorites in Euro2021. 

Other great foreign managers

But Italians are not the only managers who could win the Premier League with their teams. Two of today’s greatest managers, Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola also led their teams to the title. Mourinho won with Chelsea where he replaced Ancellotti in the 2004/05 season. He repeated the same success in his second season, but he left after his third year due to conflicts with club owner Roman Abramovich. The Portuguese was back again in 2013 and assisted the team to another Premier League title. But things fell apart in his third season and was sacked again. 

best managers of the Premier League
There are some greats from abroad too.

Mourinho’s biggest rival, Pep Guardiola has joined Manchester City in the 2016/17 season and led the team to third place. But more was expected from the Spanish and he didn’t disappoint. In the following season his team won the Premier League with a record-breaking 100 points. It was one of the best teams in the league’s history, and probably only the current PL leader Liverpool could race with it. The team which is led by German Jurgen Klopp, who joined them in 2015. Looks like his hard work and enthusiasm can lead them to the top. And the club can be the English champion again after 30 years of their last win as online gambling sites in the UK have predicted before the suspension. 

The best English managers of the Premier League

One of the most successful English managers is Sir Kenny Daglish who also managed the Reds. But he achieved his biggest PL success with Blackpool, with whom he won the title in the 1994/95 season. Of course, he is more famous for his years in Liverpool before, where he is still a real legend. Daglish won six titles as a player of the team. Under his management Liverpool won three Football League First Division titles and two FA Cups. He was at the club during two tragic events. As a player at the Heysel stadium disaster in 1985 and as a manager at the Hillsborough disaster where 96 fans lost their lives. His support and work after the disaster is also remembered by the fans. 

best managers of the Premier League
Who’s the absolute best?

Only one manager can be even better loved by the club’s fans than Daglish, Sir Alex Ferguson. He is the most successful manager of the Premier League and probably in the whole history of football. Manchester United won 13 Premier League titles, including the first PL season in 1992. The team also won five FA Cups and two Champions League titles under his management. Ferguson could make a winning team from different players. And footballers like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo have become superstars under his management. 

And Wenger

But we can’t miss one more person from our list of the best managers of the Premier League. The big rival of Fergie,  Arsenal leader Arsene Wenger who worked at the club for 23 years. The French had his ups and downs at the club, but no one could argue that he achieved great successes with the Gunners. He won three Premier League and seven FA Cup titles. His Arsenal team won the 2003/04 season unbeaten and was one of the best teams in PL history. Sadly his final years didn’t go as planned and fans could hardly wait for his departure. But Wenger became part of the club’s and English top football’s history for sure.

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