Best NFL Teams of all Times


Posted: June 9, 2022

Updated: December 20, 2023

  • In the history of the NFL, there were many amazing teams.
  • What are the best teams of all time?
  • Read and find out!

Are you ready for the best NFL teams of all time? In the long and rich history of the NFL and the Super Bowl, we could see some amazing games and teams as well. Teams fought hard over the years and achieved great success. Right now we tried to make a short list of the most recognized NFT teams. So keep on reading to find out all about it! And when you are done don’t forget to visit Bovada Sportsbook for your next football bet!

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1984 – San Francisco 49ers As One of the Best NFL Teams of all Times

The San Francisco 49ers of 1984 is ultimately one of the best NFL teams of all time. They ended the season with a 14-2 record, which is outstanding. Although what made this team more amazing is their part in the Super Bowl that year. Their victory was simply dominant and amazing. What’s more, they defeated Broncos 55-10, so the team has success that year.

What makes them more outstanding is their achievements related to the team’s success. What we mean by that is if you compare what they achieved that year as a team was not in balance with the players’ aóoersonal records. Even though they had some amazing players like Joe Montana. Also, it’s worth mentioning their coach, Bill Walsh who is kind of a legend of the NFL. So if there were any online sportsbooks in the US, you would probably ut your bets on the San Francisco 49ers.

1962 – Green Bay Packers As One of the Best NFL Teams of all Times

Even though we talk about 1962 so it was before the era of the Super Bowl they were one of the best teams ever. The club, led by Hall of Fame coach Vince Lombardi, went 13-1 during the regular season and advanced to the title game, where they faced the New York Giants in Yankee Stadium. Both sides were scheduled to play and the tv crew watching the story began to ignite bonfires. 

Despite possessing home-field advantage, the Packers remained undeterred and beat the Giants. Eleven players from that club were eventually inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. And who knows next time you put on a bet at any online sportsbooks in the US maybe you’ll wager on the Packers remembering their fame.

1991 – Washington Redskins

They went 14-2 during the regular season and crushed their playoff opponents by an average of 20 points on their route to Super Bowl XXVI, with coach Joe Gibbs in command and an offense that boasted 1,000-yard receivers Gary Clark and Art Monk. They beat the Buffalo Bills 37-24 in the Super Bowl, with Mark Rypien throwing for 292 yards and two touchdowns. He was chosen Super Bowl MVP as a result of that career-defining effort.

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1985 – Chicago Bears As the Top of the Best NFL Teams of all Times

The 1985 Chicago Bears is probably not just one best NFL teams of all time but the best of the best. Even though it’s hard to compare teams most people would say that team was the best that we have seen so far. They were the champions of the Super Bowl XX and had an amazing season all in all. When they ended the season they scored first on defense and second on the offense.

best NFL teams of all times
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What’s more, the 1985 Bears had not just one but two iconic coaches at the time. They had Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan. If you are into NFL you know very well that they are one of the best NFL coaches of all time. 

1972 – Miami Dolphins The Undefeated Team

Well, we said that many people believe that the 1985 Bears were the best NFL teams. On the other hand, there is another group who thinks otherwise. The 1972 Miami Dolphins is one of the best NFL teams of all time. And it’s hard to compare two amazing teams so you can decide yourself which team is the No. 1 on the best NFL teams list. 

What we can say though is that the Dolphins had made history for sure. They are the only team in the NFL history that was undefeated in the whole season. Even though their wins weren’t all the time outstanding they always did win, so that’s what matters in the end. What’s more, they managed to get four All-Pro selections and nine Pro Bowlers. Their offense and defense were equally outstanding and they had players like Larry Csonka and Mercury Morris. 

So all in all this was our short list of the best NFL teams of all time. We hope you enjoyed reading t and gained some information. And if you maybe don’t agree with us or you think there are other teams that sound be in the 5 best NFL teams, please leave a comment. Also, don’t forget to visit Bovada Sportsbook for your next NFL bet!


There are many talented NFL teams, and we can even expect more to come with the new 2024 season. This time, we believe that the Golden State Warriors are going to take yet another amazing year for their run. Keep in mind that the best NFL teams of all times will never stay the same for longer than five years. Thus, if you are interested in seeing this ever-changing game, then join us! Because this year we are going to use Bovada Sportsbook to wager on the upcoming teams. We wish the Cardinals could get some spotlight. But alas, the Golden State Warriors have joined this list by being the best for three years straight.

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