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Posted: March 8, 2023

Updated: March 8, 2023

  • What kind of poker matches can you play online?
  • Check out some of the best online poker game types!

Would you like to play in the world’s largest online poker rooms? In the biggest competitions? For the biggest prizes? In an average poker tournament, all players start with the same amount of chips. As the game progresses, the players lose all of their chips until they are out of the tournament. The last player standing is the winner and receives the largest share of the prize pool, but there are several online poker game types to choose from!

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Best Online Poker Game Types: Heads-up Competitions

In heads-up tournaments, also known as one-on-one, players are paired up and compete against each other until only one remains standing. Similar to the shootout tournaments, there is no possibility of late entry in the heads-up matches. In the majority of multi-table heads-up games, it is possible to cancel an entry, at least five minutes before the start, contrary to the two minutes provided in the vast majority of other competitions. 

It may happen that the number of players entering a particular heads-up tournament can’t be divided by two or the power of two, even though this is essential for a heads-up tournament. In such cases, not all players have to play in the first round.

They will automatically proceed to the next stage. For example, if ten players enter a heads-up tournament, there will be more than eight but less than sixteen, so the numbers are uneven. In order to be able to conduct the competition properly, the number of players must be reduced to eight people first. They do that by having four play, so two will be eliminated, and thus, six automatically advance to the quarterfinals.

Best online poker game types
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You can find heads-up tournaments with and without byes. If there are no plus players in a match, the last players to enter will receive their entry fee back so the game can start with the correct number of players. Considering the example above, where ten players entered, the last two entrants would not be allowed to play since the highest power of the two less than ten is 8. You can find the deadlines for canceling entries and more helpful information on the players in the various online poker game type competitions at online gambling sites in the UK.

Progressive Knockout for Adventurers

Progressive knockout tournaments have a cash prize reward for each participant in the competition. That way, whenever a player knocks out an opponent, they win the reward. However, there is a twist: they win a part of the eliminated player’s bounty immediately, but the other portion, usually 50%, is added to their own bounty. The more players they knock out, the bigger the reward for them will be. It will keep growing, making them a target for other poker bounty hunters.

If two players have the same hand value at the end of a round, the knocked-out player’s reward is divided between them. In most progressive knockout tournaments, half of the buy-in goes into the prize pool, and the other half goes into the initial bounty money. Though, there are exceptions to this. The most notable ones are the Bounty Builders daily tournaments. In this case, 25% of your buy-in goes into the prize pool, and 75% goes to the reward. Check out these thrilling matches at Everygame Poker!

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Satellites are Free Tickets to Prestigious Tournaments!

Satellites are competitions whose prize is a free ticket to a prestigious tournament. Playing a satellite game can be much cheaper than paying the entry fee for the big matches. Poker platforms also launch single and multi-table sit&go satellites. They organize multi-table satellites the same way as regular tournaments. The entry and the game are the same as usual in multi-table competitions, but Everygame Poker offers more details. Let’s see an example of how a satellite game works!

Let’s say that the entry fee for the larger tournament is $200, and $20 for the satellite. If ten players start on the satellite, the first place wins a $200 worth ticket to the bigger tournament. However, if 20 players start, the ones finishing in 1st and 2nd place will each win a $200 ticket to it.

Best online poker game types
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If there is any money left in the prize fund, it will be divided between the other finishers based on the satellite prize structure, depending on online gambling sites in the UK! There are various signs that help understand the reward system. For example, the $30 + $3 sign means that $30 goes into the prize pool, while the entry fee is $3.

Shootouts are Among the Best Online Poker Game Types!

Shootout is a special multi-table tournament. When playing in a multi-table game, players are usually seated from one table to another. They do this to balance the numbers at each table.

Finally, the last players remaining finish the match at the final table. They do not balance out the tables during the shootouts. You sit at the same table until only one player remains. If you win, you move on to another table, and the process starts again. Only players who all won their previous rounds face each other.

Double shootout tournaments require winning at two tables. Although, all players who make it to the final table receive some cash. The game starts at the starting tables, and the players who win the first round already get to the final table. For example, round 1 of a double shootout can start with up to 8 full tables or 64 players. These eight tables play until someone wins. In the 2nd round, the eight winners move to a table where they stay until all but one player gets defeated.

Best online poker game types
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The winner of the triple shoutout tournaments is the one who proves to be the best at all three tables. For example, an average triple shootout tournament, starting with 9-person tables, is full if 729 players enter. They sit down to play at a total of 81 tables in the 1st round.

Each table plays until only one poker player has all the chips before them. The last remaining 81 players then gather at nine tables for the second round. As in the first round, the game continues on each table until someone collects all the chips. Finally, in the 3rd round, the remaining nine players make it to the final table, where they decide who wins the tournament.

Timed Competitions

Timed tournaments are special online poker game types that last for a predetermined period. The duration of the game is indicated in the name of the competition and on the poker sites. When the time allotted for the tournament ends, they stop the competition, and the prize money is paid based on the value of chips collected by the players.

Best online poker game types
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Timed games are marked with a stopwatch icon at online gambling sites in the UK. Timed tournaments are available throughout the day and last for 15, 25, and 45 minutes. Find out more interesting details about these and other online poker game types!

Online Poker Game Types: Sit&Go Matches

Sit&Go tournaments do not have a pre-scheduled starting time, it begins when all the open places are filled. There are many sit&go tournaments, like heads-up and satellite games, even up to almost a thousand participants. Fifty50 is a single-table sit&go online poker game type. A Fifty50 sit&go tournament ends when half of the contestants are eliminated. For example, in an 8-player Fifty50 tournament, four players will receive a prize.

Half of the prize fund will be divided equally among the four winners. The other half will be awarded to the same four players but distributed according to the chip proportions at the end of the tournament. The four players who are defeated win nothing. So, in an 8-person $10 + $1 Fifty50 game, the prize pool is $80. Each of the first four winners will receive $10, as well as a share of the remaining $40 prize fund. 

The spin&go tournament is a faster version of sit&go games, where the players have an opportunity to play for much larger prize pools than the entry fees. Only three players participate in each tournament, and they decide the prize pool by a draw before starting the game. Spin&go matches are available with a wide variety of entry fees, which you can check out at Everygame Poker and find more unique poker games!

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