Best Poker Bluffing Strategies


Posted: November 24, 2021

Updated: November 24, 2021

  • Bluff is a very useful tool in poker
  • You can use it to win with even weaker hands
  • The number of your rivals and your position at the game can affect a bluff

If you play poker, you know how important is to have a poker face in all situations, even if you’re losing the game. By showing no emotions, you can trick your rivals and still win a game with weaker cards. But you have to consider several factors to use bluff successfully. We show you the best poker bluffing strategies in order to win the game. 

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Everyone can learn how to bluff in poker but only the best players can use it at the right times. As they’ve learned when their opponents are the most likely to fold their cards and let them win. But don’t worry, all these skills can be learned and practiced before going on a tournament so you won’t risk losing money there. What’s more, you can even use bluff on online poker games, where it’s much easier to trick your opponents. As they can’t see your face so you can’t reveal your cards accidentally. But you also need to learn some tricks about when to use it to be successful and beat the others. 

Best Poker Bluffing Strategies Are Based On Timing

If you’re a regular poker player, you must have already met an opponent who played very aggressively. He/she always raised the bets, even though they had weak cards in their hands. But in a few rounds, you could learn all about these players and use their playing styles against them. It doesn’t mean though that you shouldn’t bluff sometimes, but don’t overuse it. And only bluff when it’s likely to be effective. So when is the right time to bluff? Well, it depends on several factors, like the number of your opponents, the amount of the bet, or your previous behavior. You have to pay attention to all of them as they belong to the best poker bluffing strategies. Which you can later use on online poker sites in the US, like on Intertops Poker to win some money. 

Factors That Can Decide a Successful Bluff

You have to consider several things before using a bluff in a poker game. Let’s see the most important ones:

  • The number of your opponents: It’s one of the most obvious factors in a poker game but it can decide easily if your bluff is successful or not. Having more players in a hand makes it much more difficult to use it. In this case, it’s more likely that someone has stronger cards than yours, so try to bluff when there are only a few players in the game
best poker bluffing strategies
Picture Source: Pixabay
  • Study your rivals and their behaviors: It’s also important to know the other players and their mentalities. If they also use bluff during the game try to recognize when they use it. Also take a note of how they react to your bluff, and if they are likely to fold or not. You can also make these observations if you play in online poker games. 
  • Compose your image: Try not to reveal yourself. Don’t act either too aggressive or too cool. And make more value bets after a bluff.
  • Your position at the table: If you’re the last player to make a call in a game, your bluff is more likely to be successful
  • The amount of the bet: It might sound strange, but it’s actually more difficult to bluff with smaller stakes as everyone is more eager to risk then. But if the stakes are higher, more players will choose to fold than to call

How to Bluff Online

While in a real casino, you can see the reactions and faces of the other poker players. In the online world, you can only see an icon and the bets. But you can turn this into your advantage, as no one can see your emotions either, making it easier to bluff. One of the most effective tools to win online is semi-bluff. A scenario, when you have the opportunity to have the best hands but you might not have it at the start of the game. It is usually made at flop or turn, so it can either force your opponents to fold or make you win at the showdown with the right card. 

best poker bluffing strategies
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

Another useful tip is to study your rivals and revisit the hand histories to see what they had held. It is also important to bluff only against one or two players, and not against everyone in a multiple players tournament. You can also be more successful if you use bluff ahead of reaching a certain point in a Sit and Go tournament. As everyone will be afraid to be knocked out before earning some money. But in order to be good at bluffing, you need to learn first how to win without bluffing. Thankfully you can even practice for free on several online gambling sites in the US. Before taking on the big guns on the biggest poker tournaments

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