Best Poker Podcasts in 2022

  • There are dozens of poker podcasts you can choose from
  • Most of them are hosted by former players and poker coaches
  • You can learn about different poker strategies and the latest news from them
best poker podcasts in 2022

Poker fans can choose from lots of different podcasts to listen to if they want to improve their game. From different strategies to the latest news from the world of poker, everyone can find his favorite in the best poker podcasts in 2022. That can even host special tournaments and make interviews with the biggest poker stars. 

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The first poker podcasts have appeared in 2015 but since then their numbers have increased significantly. It’s a great way to reach potential players on their way home. When they are exercising or even at work. As podcasts can be listened to literally anywhere, even when you’re on the move. The choice of the poker-themed podcasts is great too either you’re looking for more tips to improve your game or just the latest news. In our selection, we try to show you the most popular shows you can listen to. 

The Red Chip Poker Podcast Is One of the Best Poker Podcasts in 2022

If you’re looking for useful tips to improve your poker skills, you need to listen to the Red Chip Poker podcast. It is one of the most popular poker podcasts at the moment thanks to its coaching sessions and interesting interviews. You can learn new plays and high-level strategies from coaches and the host of the show, James Sweeney.  Also known as “SplitSuit”. He is a coach himself and the writer of several poker books. But you can also find poker videos and special guides made by him. His podcast has more than 200 episodes now with more than 3,5 million downloads. Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced player, you can surely find some useful insight in one of the best poker podcasts in 2022. 

Chasing Poker Greatness

The weekly podcast of Chasing Poker Greatness takes you behind the scenes thanks to the confessions of some of the best poker players. They talk about their way to success and the amount of time they spent practicing before becoming famous. You can hear stories from legends like Dan Cates, Fedor Holz, and Darren Elias. Their experience can motivate you to play poker and even learn some new tricks from the best. And try them out on one of the online poker sites in the US. The show has more than 165 episodes and it is hosted by Brad Wilson who is also a professional poker player. He also shares his own tactics in the podcast. Its highlights can be found on his website along with other useful training materials. 

Smart Poker 

Sky Matsuhashi, the maker of the Smart Poker podcast is the writer of several poker books.  He also helps players as a poker coach. In his podcast he gives useful tips to be a more successful player. From critical study and play strategies to action steps to exploit your opponents. You can hear some great stuff in this podcast. Even though Matsuhashi is not a top-level player himself, he has the real-life experience. So next time you play poker at one of the online gambling sites in the US, you won’t make the same mistakes as he did. 

Poker on the Mind

To be successful in poker and to win tournaments, you also need the right set of mind. To be able to keep a clear head and stay cool even in the hottest situations. So if you know your poker but have some issues about the mental side of the game, listen to Poker On the Mind. Here the two hosts, Dr. Tricia Cardner and Gareth James, a psychology professor turned poker player and a poker coach give you tips about how to have a better mindset. They illustrate it with real-life examples from poker tournaments, making it a very useful resource. You can also listen to poker strategies and interviews with other poker players in the podcast. 

DAT Poker

Six-time WSOP winner and two-time World Poker Tour champion Daniel Negreanu host the DAT Poker podcast. Along with broadcaster Adam Schwartz and ex pro grinder Terrance Chen. The three of them discuss the latest poker news, happenings of the tournaments along with some strategy. We can also hear some interviews with other poker players like Phil Ivey, who has won ten WSOP bracelets and one World Poker Tour title. An extra feature of this podcast is the voicemail questions show, when the hosts answer the listeners’ questions left via voicemail. Great way to interact and a very useful way to learn more about poker. 

Thinking Poker

Andrew Brokos and Nate Meyvis host the weekly podcast of Thinking Poker with lots of behind-the-scenes information. Other poker players also often appear in the show, talking about their lives and careers.  The hosts sometimes review poker books and you can also learn about different poker strategies. They try to explain even the more difficult moves in a simple way and review specific poker hands as an illustration. So it’s great for beginners who want to sharpen their skills, but can be interesting for more advanced players too. As the podcast gives an insight from every angle thanks to Brokos.  He started his career on online poker tournaments but also finished three times in the top 100 in the WSOP. 

The Rake 

The Rake is a podcast of Run It Once, Phil Galfond’s training site. Where professional poker players explain their hands and the strategy behind their moves. Well, the podcast does similar things, but it focuses more on the latest poker gossip and news. The show is hosted by two of the best female poker players, Jamie Kerstetter and Marle Cordeiro, offering light entertainment for poker fans. Probably it’s not the best show if you’re looking for more difficult strategies, though Phil Galfond sometimes also makes some contribution.  But it’s a great podcast as we can learn more about poker from a woman’s perspective. 

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