Bet on 2019 ANZ Premiership: The Stars to Become One of the Top Teams of the League

  • The Stars are starting to affirm themselves in netball
  • Southern Steel is a safe bet on 2019 ANZ Premiership
  • The Central Pulse are dominating the season
Bet on 2019 ANZ Premiership
The Southern Steel could win their 3rd consecutive title

The winner of the netball league in New Zealand will be decided on June 2. And this year, there is the Northern Stars have really good chances of winning the title. According to our predictions, they are the best bet on 2019 ANZ Premiership.

The ANZ Premiership is the Kiwi successor of the ANZ Championship, that took place until 2016. In Australia, the domestic competition became the Super Netball. The split occurred due to a disparity in the competitiveness, as the Australian teams were dominating the league. However, New Zealand still seems to struggle in keeping up with the level of the neighboring country. Fans around the country are still not entirely satisfied with the quality of the national competition. But the newly founded teams are starting to show their potential and to become more consistent.

The importance of a domestic league also comes from the fact that netball is one of the most popular sports in New Zealand. And the Silver Ferns – the national team – are indeed among the best. As 2019 is a World Cup year, the league was anticipated to February. Since its beginning that two teams have shown to dominate the league. But this season, the Stars are affirming themselves in the competition and showing that the league is improving its quality. 

The 3 teams presented below on our betting preview will almost surely reach the playoffs and, according to online sportsbook sites in New Zealand, they are also the ones most likely to win the ANZ Premiership.

Bet on 2019 ANZ Premiership

Team Odds
Northern Stars 5.25
Southern Steel 5.00
Central Pulse 1.32

The Stars are the surprise of the season

The Northern Stars are still on the race for the second place, showing that the competition will be very tight. They are still on time to boost even more their game and will most likely be in incredible shape by the time of the playoffs.

The biggest victory so far might have been against the Southern Steel. And this year, the team has very experienced players, such as Leana de Buin and the assistant coach-captain Temepara Bailey, who are contributing for its success on the league. Moreover, they also have the best goal shooter of the season, Maia Wilson, with 346 goals so far.

Despite some recent losses, the Stars are showing that they are one of the strongest teams to win the trophy. And their odds are 5.25 at Unibet Sportsbook.

The Southern Steel want their 3rd consecutive title

Southern Steel is the most successful team so far in the competition. They won the first ever ANZ Premiership in 2017 – while also finishing 1st on the regular season – and last year, repeated the victory on the playoffs.

They have been imposing themselves against other teams and were responsible for the biggest win on the league so far, defeating the Waikato-Bay of Plenty Magic. Their incredible games have earned them 2 bonus points already. This is why that they can still finish the regular season on top and they (5.00) are likely to win again the ANZ Premiership.

The Central Pulse are the safest bet on 2019 ANZ Premiership

The Central Pulse are unbeatable this season and are definitely ready to finally win the title in 2019. As online sportsbook news sites in New Zealand highlight,  they haven’t lost a single game this season. And they have recently proven to be superior against the defending champions Southern Steel.

They want to revenge last year’s final and become the leading team of the ANZ. They are likely to win the regular season, but chances are that the success will extend to the playoffs.

Moreover, Yvette McCausland-Durie, the head coach, is confident that despite the good form, the team can still do a lot better. If that happens, the other teams will have an even more difficult task ahead of them. Their odds of winning are 1.32 at Unibet Sportsbook.

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