Bet on HQ2: Here are the Best Amazon Headquarters Betting Odds!

Amazon Headquarters Betting Odds

Would you sacrifice your firstborn to lure Amazon to your city? Do you even stand a chance in the throat-cutting race? Who cares when I’m about to show you how to benefit from Amazon’s HQ2 event, even your city is a hellhole, built on 666 cemeteries in the middle of nowhere. Let’s review the best Amazon Headquarters betting odds for a profitable decision!

Updated on 08.03.2018

What is Amazon HQ2?

“HQ2 will be the second Amazon headquarters in North America [built at] a location with strong local and regional talent—particularly in software development and related fields—as well as a stable and business-friendly environment to continue hiring and innovating.”

Instead of buying thousands of products and reviewing them one-by-one, as Kansas City’s mayor did to grab Amazon’s attention, just sit back, stay calm, and place a bet on the city you predict to win the HQ2 project. First of all, we’ll review Amazon’s requirements in order to help your decision. Second, we’ll comply a list of cities of probable winners. That’s all you need for the chance to profit from the whole HQ2 situation, even if the company wouldn’t even consider your area.

The Amazon Dream


Wondering why did whole cities go crazy because of Amazon? It’s because of the Amazon dream. The company’s new project promises 50,000 new, full-time, high-paying jobs. By high-paying, they mean an average annual salary of $100,000; per employee, obviously. What’s more, employees at the HQ2 will receive a package of benefits that include “retirement plan, health insurance, and maternity/paternity leave, featuring Amazon’s Leave Share and Ramp Back program.”

Amazon’s HQ2 Requirements

Amazon wants to build in a metropolitan area, with over 1 million people in its proximity, and a “stable and business-friendly environment.” The ideal, North American, area has “urban or suburban locations with the potential to attract and retain strong technical talent.” When it comes to the HQ2 building itself, the community has to be open-minded: “think big and creatively when considering locations and real estate options.” After reviewing the requirements, MarketWatch ended up with a list of 10 cities:

Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Bridgeport, Boston, Denver, New York, Provo, Raleigh, Tampa, Washington

Let’s take a look at Seattle


HQ2 will be an equal to Amazon’s current headquarter in Seattle. Actually, all the numbers and examples from above were based on the Seattle HQ. Amazon’s investment in Seattle brought an estimated $38 billion to the city’s economy. That’s impressive. Considering these numbers Amazon decided to make the HQ2 selection highly publicized. Why? Because they can! Amazon is choosing the second headquarters location via public process, because they want to “want to find a city that is excited to work with us and where our customers, employees, and the community can all benefit.”

Finally, the best Amazon Headquarters Betting Odds

We took the list of cities and matched it with the available list of odds to provide you a comprehensive Amazon Headquarters betting guide:

Best Amazon Headquarters Betting Odds
1. Atlanta 5/1
2. Austin 3/1
3. Boston 11/2
4. Denver 20/1
5 New York City -/-
6. Washington DC 83/25

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