Bet On Jeremy Corbyn To Be The Next PM

Bet On Jeremy Corbyn To Be The Next PM

As the Conservative party sharpen their knives up for the inevitable leadership contest and the various candidates start shopping around for supporters whilst desperately attempting to appear as if they aren’t, the great British public is slowly waking up to the fact that Brexit could be a costly catastrophe and the effects of that is that a bet on Jeremy Corbyn to be the next PM isn’t the act of insanity it would have been just a few months ago.

  • Will Brexit negotiations ruin the chances of 4/1 shot David Davis?
  • Does power-hungry Boris Johnson really have a hope at 8/1?
  • Could the Tories regress back to the 18th Century with Rees-Mogg at 7/1?
  • Jeremy Corbyn gets just 4/1 at Bet365 but can he actually be the next PM?

Theresa May, a politician who displays less humanity than the Alien in the classic 1979 Ridley Scott horror movie and behaves during interviews as if irritated poor people are allowed to ask her questions, and worse don’t seem awfully willing to believe her scripted soul-less pat answers, should really be sitting pretty, but the number of people putting a bet on Jeremy Corbyn to be the next PM is a good indication of just how much she, and her party, are floundering in the wake of that Brexit vote.

That in of itself shouldn’t be happening. Jeremy Corbyn should be languishing in obscurity as his dress sense suggests, spending much of his time looking like a 1970s geography teacher running late for a CND meeting at the village hall. Portrayed by the media as more left wing than Bakunin and Britain being awfully stuffy about that sort of thing, no one who likes to bet on sports in the UK should be putting a bet on Jeremy Corbyn to be the next PM at all, it shouldn’t even be a consideration.

Bet On Jeremy Corbyn To Be The Next PM Of The UK At Bet365

Post-Brexit Vote however, things are different. The Conservatives are squabbling among themselves with none of the current leadership in favor of leaving the EU despite having to oversee that happening, which might explain why they’re so bad at it. In what is increasingly becoming a very messy divorce it’s still unclear if Brexit will be hard, soft or somewhere in between and that uncertainty is shortening those odds for any bet on Jeremy Corbyn to be the next PM, by comparison he looks organized.

The EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, is rapidly running out of patience, muttering that the British proposals on the issues at hand displayed “a sort of nostalgia” which is diplomatic talk for barking mad, unrealistic and likely to get you thumped. Times, the EU point out, have changed, unfortunately the great British public aren’t big on change and perhaps taking advantage of UK gambling laws to bet on Jeremy Corbyn to be the next PM is made more attractive as he becomes the lesser of two evils.

Will Brexit Burst David Davis’ Chances Of The Top Job?

Next UK Prime Minister

Ruth Davidson – 16/1
Amber Rudd – 12/1
Boris Johnson – 8/1
Phillip Hammond – 8/1
Jacob Rees-Mogg – 7/1
David Davis – 4/1
Jeremy Corbyn – 4/1

Corbyn himself wasn’t too visible during the Brexit campaign, everyone actually responsible for this disaster absenting themselves from public life as quickly as possible, and once the UK gambling news headlines had stopped wittering on about what an upset the vote result had been, it became clear than the hippy leader of the Labour Party might well stand a chance against the remnants of the Tory party and so a bet on Jeremy Corbyn to be the next PM ceased to be ridiculous, and now is positively fair.

It demonstrates just what a knife edge British politics is on when David Davis and Jeremy Corbyn share the same 4/1 odds at Bet365 to be the next PM, the bookies just have no clue who’ll win the next election and aren’t willing to even hedge their bets a little on the subject. Of course David Davis is in charge of those Brexit negotiations for Britain, and it’s a process unlikely to go well so that might open it up for another tory, or make that bet on Jeremy Corbyn to be the next PM the most sensible bet of the year.

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