7 Ways To Tell Your Local Casino Has Been Flooded

Posted: September 1, 2017

Updated: October 4, 2017

In the wake of the Hurricane Harvey disaster that has caused so much damage and suffering in Texas and Louisiana, with Irma on the horizon, and the memory of Katrina always with us, it is as well you are now constantly prepared for flash flooding, tidal surge and your local gambling palace being underwater. To help you identify this possibly life threatening situation we’ll quickly run down the seven easy ways you can tell your local casino has been flooded.

1. Gators In The Lobby Of Your Local Casino

Whilst in some states of the southern US of A these reptiles are commonplace they should not, typically, be found in the lobby of your local casino and should you come across more teeth and scales upon your arrival than you’re used to seeing, just take that second glance to check you’re not knee deep in flood water and about to be used as an ad hoc buffet by the local wildlife. Should you see more than one on a leash, for instance, start thinking about heading home and gaming at Bet365 instead, it’s safer.

2. Obscured Ugly Carpets

Often ignored the ugliness of the carpets in your local casino is legendary. US gambling laws not might allow unfettered gaming in your state, but in those that do they still don’t regulate against those lurid, distracting and hypnotically suggestive patterns on the carpets used. If for any reason you can’t see those nasty carpets begin to wonder if your local casino hasn’t been subject to a flash flood and going home to log on to Bet365 would be a far better, more safe and definitely drier alternative course of action.

3. Impromptu Water Feature On The Stairs

Many casinos are grandiose affairs, enjoying more than their fair share of intricate décor, a majestic use of interior space and the sort of fixtures and fittings that only a hideously insecure Magpie would consider tasteful. In numerous of the larger casinos the world has to offer, and perhaps your local casino is among them, vast staircases lead down to the gaming floor. Should you find this has been replaced with a novel walk-on waterfall concept, just check you shouldn’t be heading home instead.

4. Muzak Play List Replacement

Obviously casino staff will do all they can to warn you of any impending flooding issues, but the staff to punter ratio might be a tad strained at such a moment of crisis and so they’re likely to resort to use of the public address system to spread the warning farther faster. Should you hear the muzak in your local casino change to “We’re Riding Along On The Crest Of A Wave” or possible “Sailing” it might be time to hit the safe, secure dry-warmth of Bet365 where you can bet on sports in the US without damp feet.

5. Hostesses Using Airboats

This is a dead giveaway. If you look up from an intense hand at the Blackjack table, snap back to reality from concentrating on that game of poker or look up from that slot machine to find the lady delivering your drink is wearing a life jacket whilst rocking gently back and forth leaning out of an airboat (replete with ubiquitous redneck rescuer at the helm) then it’s probably not the right time to ask for extra ice and indeed escape back home to the arid and exciting world of Bet365 should be your priority.

6. Roulette Wheel Paddled As A Canoe

Another big one this, and not to be ignored. Should you see, at any point, any of the gambling tables in your local casino being used as make-shift rafts, canoes or other buoyant vessels (by either staff or your fellow patrons) it’s probably time to ask someone if things haven’t gone awry, amiss and askew. Check your socks, if they’re wetter than usual just double check that you don’t need to vacate the premises as quickly as possible, in any manner possible, lest you become trapped and drown in your local casino.

7. People Drowning

It should go without saying but just in case there are some in the US gambling news of rising waters will never apply to them and would deny the obvious (as the GOP and Trump do Climate Change) even if it did, here’s the big clue your local casino has been flooded. People drowning. If you see people failing to maintain a connection between their respiratory system and the air due to large volumes of water and they die because of it, there is a flood in progress. Go home and gamble at Bet365 instead immediately.

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