Bet on the Next Democratic Nominee: the Bookies’ Top 6

We are two years away from the 2020 US Presidential election. Yet, a number of Democrats have already begun their campaigns for the Party’s nomination. When you are betting on the next Democratic nominee, bear in mind that voters will consider the kind of candidate that can most beat Mr. Trump.

Bet on the next Democratic nominee
Here are the bookies favorites to become the Democratic Party's next nominee

The top tier candidates to bet on the 2020 Democratic nomination include prominent figures with strong name recognition like Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. However, progressive faces like Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris will pose a challenge. They will be appealing to minority and young American voters.

Next Democratic Nominee
# Candidate Odds
1. Amy Klobuchar +1000
2. Bernie Sanders +1000
3. Elizabeth Warren +800
4. Joe Biden +600
5. Kamala Harris +450
6. Beto O’Rouke +300
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Klobuchar is Not Aggressive Enough

Amy Klobuchar
Amy Klobuchar

Senator Amy Klobuchar, 58, did not announce yet that she is running for the White House. However many Democrats want her to. She is known for leading the efforts to curb the cost of prescription drugs. Also, she supported expanding voting rights and protecting online privacy after revelations of Facebook’s data mining.

Republicans nickname her as “Cotton Candy Amy”, in a criticism to her policies often fixated on small things. Ms. Klobuchar is calm, reasoned and reliable Democrat from the American heartland. Her lack of aggressiveness might be an obstacle when it comes to fighting against Trump. Her odds are +1000 at 22Bet Sportsbook to win the nomination.

Sanders the Real Contender for 2020

There is great anticipation over the Senator of Vermont. Bernie Sanders was the runner-up for the Democratic nomination in 2016 losing to Hillary Clinton. He has been criticized for his socialist views, but his 2016 candidacy demonstrates that Democrats increasingly want to confront income inequality.

Mr. Sanders will be a real contender if he runs. You can bet on Sanders to be the 2020 Democratic nominee with +1000. However, he and Mr. Biden would be in their late 70s by Election Day 2020. That will be one of their weak points among the new generation.

Ms. Warren Stepped into the 2020 Race on New Year’s Eve

Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren

On New Year’s Eve Ms. Elizabeth Warren declared her intention to run for the office. What’s more, she is already forming an exploratory committee. According to online sportsbook promotion sites  in the United States, Ms. Warren is the first top tier candidate to take such a major step. The Massachusetts senator is one of several potential candidates who have crusaded against the influence of wealthy donors and corporations.

Joe Biden Leads the Opinion Polls

The former Vice President Joe Biden leads almost all opinion polls at this stage. A recent poll for CNN showed Biden with 30 percent support. That is a double digit in comparison to the second-place Sanders, who grabbed only 14 percent. The case for Biden is straightforward: He can connect with the voters who carried Trump to victory in 2016, he was a loyal vice president to Obama and he is well-liked within the party.

Harris: Charismatic & Non-White Candidate

Image result for kamala harrisKamala Harris is already searching for a possible base of operations for her likely presidential bid. One of the most intriguing figures in the race is a first-term senator and former attorney general of California. She is charismatic and the strongest non-white candidate with odds at +450. Harris can conceivably bridge the span of the party between progressives and centrists.

Mr. O’Rourke Lost against Ted Cruz in Midterms

Mr. Beto O’Rourke reminds us about the journey of the former US President Barack Obama when he came to the oval office after serving just one term in the Senate. Mr. O’Rourke has been in the House for just six years, and many Democrats think 2020 is his moment. He is energetic and fresh and therefore he is the favourite with +300 at 22Bet Sportsbook. However, he failed in his bid to unseat Senator Ted Cruz in the fall. It is hard to see Democrats aligned behind a candidate who lost his hometown.

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