The Best 2019 Dakar Rally Odds

The 2019 Dakar Rally odds that Sainz Jr garners at Unibet were almost certainly greeted warmly around the Sainz family dinner table. After all, his father, Carlos Sainz Snr, has won the prestigious event twice. Yes, Sainz Jr has, on his holiday from a full Formula 1 season, decided to rally raid across South America very much in his father’s shadow and is 5/2 favorite to win. So no pressure then.

Dakar 2019 betting odds

Dakar Rally

  • January 6th – 17th
  • Ten Stages
  • Varied Off-Road Terrain
  • 5 Classes
  • 343 Competitors

Carlos Sainz Snr has won more rallies than you’ve had hot dinners. His two Dakar wins are just the icing on an already impressively decorated cake. Carlos Sainz Jr meanwhile has toiled in Formula 1 with little silverware success, never quite being the bridesmaid, let alone the bride. Can you imagine the conversation between the two that prompted the son to follow so closely in his father’s tire tracks? The 2019 Dakar Rally odds that Sainz gets at Unibet are thus just little barbed.

Formula 1 is a pressure cooker all by itself. But to in your “free” time take on one of the toughest rally raids in the world and attempt to equal one of your own father’s greatest accomplishments is to perhaps burden oneself overly. Living up to the 2019 Dakar Rally odds that Sainz Jr garners at Unibet just aren’t going to be an issue for him, he’s got far larger issues. The question is: should you take advantage of Peruvian gambling laws to bet on a fairytale win?

Can Peterhansel Make It 14 Dakar Wins?

Certainly if there were ever a man motivated to win, it’s this guy. Those 2019 Dakar Rally odds that Sainz is getting really do then represent a good opportunity. 5/2 is not a bad price and with his nearest rival at 13/5 he’s a clear favorite. Of course, that nearest rival is Stephane Peterhansel who has won the Dakar Rally thirteen times. Can the ultimate in motivation beat the apex of experience? Well we’re going to find out in the scenic and challenging Peruvian countryside.

2019 Dakar Rally Odds – Sainz 5/2 At Unibet

Sainz at the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix

Sebastien Loeb is the most successful driver in World Rally Championship history having won the title nine times in a row and holding a plethora of other records. The fact that this driving legend gets just 4/1 is a testament to just how tough this race is, and just how good the other drivers taking part are. The 2019 Dakar Rally odds that Sainz is showered with then suddenly look just a little too good to be true. Can he really beat opposition this good? He never has in F1.

This year the Dakar begins, and finishes, in Lima, and for those who like to bet on sports in Peru there won’t be a better opportunity, but only if you can decide which of these four wheeled maniacs is going to win it and hit up Unibet. The 2019 Dakar Rally odds that Sainz gets then make him the favorite, but with the pressure, the terrain and the opposition he probably hasn’t as much chance as the bookies give him. After all, isn’t Loeb just going to drive away with this one too?

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