Bet On A White Christmas Causing Human Suffering Anyway

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Bet On A White Christmas

“And may all your Christmases be white…..” begins to sound like some sort of curse. Something akin to “May you live in interesting times”. On the face of it, it is pleasant enough. From a visual point of view, in pure aesthetic terms, snow is delightful. From a distance. Behind double-glazing. If you’re stuck out in it trying to get things done, however, it’s just an inconvenience. So, to bet on a White Christmas with all you need to do, is to wager on your own suffering. It’s crazy.

No one enjoys snow when they’re stuck in traffic over the festive period. And it will happen. When some muppet in an articulated lorry has jackknifed on the bypass, or some wally has wrapped their car around a tree. Just why then you can bet on a White Christmas at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 is unfathomable. It’s like putting a bet on your mother-in-law suddenly trying to hack everyone else to pieces half way through the Queen’s speech. 

Wager On Your Own Suffering Today

We can’t bet on wars, terrorists or diseases. Wagers on human suffering are verboten. But on our own misery at Christmas? No problem. Just grab the appropriate bet on a White Christmas for you. While you’re at it, you could bet on sprouts suddenly tasting nice or grandma keeping her slightly racist sentiments to herself too. I mean why not? If you’re going to wager on distinctly inclement weather why not on which toy you bought your child will run out of batteries first?

Bet On A White Christmas

  • Glasgow – 7/2
  • Aberdeen – 5/1
  • Belfast – 5/1
  • Edinburgh – 5/1
  • Newcastle – 6/1
  • Leeds – 11/2
  • Dublin – 8/1
  • London (Heathrow) – 8/1
  • Manchester – 9/1
  • Check the odds at bet365…


Precisely why people still have a romantic view of a bet on a White Christmas is mindboggling. It ruins sports fixtures, creates untold little knock-on problems, and overloads the hospitals with accident victims. This is 2020. We don’t need any more people in hospitals. What’s bizarre is that we all know about these inconvenient truths. But we ignore them. So we take advantage of UK gambling laws to bet on snow at Christmas as if we’ve never experienced it. As if we were kids. 

Bet On A White Christmas
Meet your torturers! Their faces tell everything… Their noses are red because they are drunk and their empty visage represents the eternal hunger for your empty soul

Bet On A White Christmas At Bet365

Naturally, climate change will change this. It’ll be hard to drum up support for a bet on a White Christmas when the average temperature in December is 28°C. Airports in Scotland won’t be registering snowfall but an orange harvest at this rate. It already appears that most of Britain is unlikely to get snow this Christmas. That the best they can hope for is drizzle. Oddly, you can’t bet on a wet Christmas, or a windy Christmas, or a Christmas heatwave. Just one with snow.

So we chose the worst likely circumstance and made it the thing we wager on? A bet on a White Christmas is a traditional flutter in the UK and says much about it. Only the British would find a way of profiting not just on the suffering of others, but on the suffering of themselves. Away from their regular bet on sports in the UK at Bet365, most British punters go a bit weird. So they bet on reality TV, politics, and, yes, the weather. The White Christmas novelty wager is just the most bonkers.

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We take a look at why a bet on a White Christmas is to wager on your own suffering over the festive period.

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