Bet on Arnold Allen vs Jeremy Stephens – Allen Seems Unstoppable


Posted: October 15, 2020

Updated: October 15, 2020

  • Jeremy Stephens needs to get back to the win column
  • Arnold Allen looks unstoppable
  • Fans are heavily leaning in favor of Allen to win

Bet on Arnold Allen vs Jeremy Stephens as the UFC is working to get this fight to happen on November 7. This is a fight that holds two different meanings for each fighter. Stephens is fighting to stay in the UFC as he is on a 4-fight losing streak, while Allen is looking to get closer to a shot at the title. Who has the advantage going into this fight?

A Fight That Could Define Jeremy’s Future At The UFC

A fight at this stage of his career could be a turning point for Jeremy’s career at the UFC. The featherweight veteran is currently on a 4-fight losing streak. All of those losses came against notable names including former champion Jose Aldo and Yair Rodriguez. His last win was A KO finish back in February of 2018 against Emmet. Therefore, this could be the last time we see Stephens in the UFC if he loses his upcoming bout. It is extremely crucial for him to get back to the win column. So, let us find out what predictions say before you bet on Arnold Allen vs Jeremy Stephens.

Bet on Arnold Allen vs Jeremy Stephens
Let’s play!

Arnold Allen Is On Fire

At just 26 years of age, Arnold Allen is making his way to becoming a UFC future star. “Almighty” holds a record of 16 wins, 1 loss, and is currently on a 9-fight winning streak. The youngster joined the UFC in 2014 and has won all 7 fights since then. He even defeated some notable names in the process such as Gilbert Melendez “a former champion for Strikeforce” and Nik Lentz. Since Stephens is currently ranked 9th on the featherweight roaster, a win over him could put Allen in the Top 5. Therefore, he will be motivated to take out one of the most experienced fighters the division has to offer. Allen would not be a bad option to consider when you bet on Arnold Allen vs Jeremy Stephens.

Bet on Arnold Allen vs Jeremy Stephens As Prediction Heavily Favor “Almighty”

With rumors of the UFC working on this fight, fans have already predicted the winner. A poll on topology shows 78% of voters going in favor of Allen, while only 22% voted for Jeremy. Analyzing the strengths of each fighter, Allen is certainly the more rounded fighter. He has better cardio, is a submission expert, and is younger and hungrier than his older opponent. On the other hand, Stephens only has the advantage in the striking department. As a result, online sportsbook sites in the US favor the British fighter in the predictions. At 1xBET Sportsbook, betting odds for Allen to win are 1.56, while odds for Stephens to win are 2.325.

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