Bet On Bake Off To Make The Most Of Its Key Ingredients

British Bake Off 2016

How does the BBC do it? How does it manage to turn 12 muppets cooking in an overly engineered tent somewhere bizarrely rural from the boreathon it should be into the enthralling drama-fest The Great British Bake Off actually is? What’s the recipe for this mainstay British phenomena now in its seventh season? And just which of the cooks would you be backing to win this time if you could enjoy a bet on bake off?

The Great British Bake Off

  • Two down-to-earth hosts
  • Two bizarre judges
  • Twelve overly serious contestants
  • Add sexual innuendo and stir

The first thing it got right were the hosts. Sue Perkins, the thinking man’s lesbian fantasy, and Mel Giedroyc, have worked together for years and it shows. Their easy flowing interaction with both the contestants and judges peppered with quips is pitch perfect and when errors are made they’re kept to add to the charm. Mel asking a contestant using fresh fruit in an orange cake (of a hue reminiscent of Donald Trump and his complexion) from where they got the orange juice particularly amusing. “The Orange” came the deadpan reply sending the host giggling at her own silliness.

Whilst the contestants take it all just a little bit too seriously (it’s a cooking contest, not an Israel Palestine summit) the hosts and two judges don’t. This is fortunate because the two judges really have no business taking themselves seriously. Paul Hollywood because he’s called Hollywood and has the facial hair of a 1970s police sergeant, and Mary Berry the 84 year old who after the Brexit vote won’t be the only old person in the UK gambling laws on euthanasia aren’t changed anytime soon, who is a throw back to a glorious age Britain never really had, on paper you’d not bet on Bake off to work. But it does.

Sue Perkins 2015

Sue Perkins is a major reason for the GBBO’s success (photo:

The Great British Innuendo Feast Continues

The fast pacing of the show assists. With only twenty minutes on each of the three challenges in an episode, and barely enough time to make more than a comment and a half on any one occurrence in the kitchen, it all rattles along at quite a speed and this allows them to edit things down so that you’re not left watching cakes actually bake. This distillation makes it work, the highlights overlaid with dramatic music and you can always bet on bake off to have a few sexual innuendos thrown in for good measure.

Bake Off Betting Scandal

  • 90% of bets on one contestant
  • Maximum bets permitted
  • Markets suspended

Watching an 84 year old lemon-faced judgmental hag say “I’ll eat a bit of carpet….” without perhaps knowing of all its connotations is blissfully amusing, and if Paul Hollywood is a bit more knowing when he says “Your sister tastes lovely….” the producers evidently felt the gingerbread creations they were tasting gave him some plausible deniability. You can bet on Bake off hitting this theme again because in the UK gambling news papers of the tabloid ilk won’t make a fuss about it is simply insane.“Can you grab my jugs?” screamed one headline referring to an innocent request for help in week one.

Wager On Sports At Bet365 Rather Than Bet On Bake Off

The contestants are perhaps the final and most variable ingredient. Diversity requirements being what they are the BBC loads the show up with a good mix of kitchen crazies from all walks of life, with all sorts of temperaments giving us potted biographies that just serve to reinforce the judgment we made as soon as we clapped eyes on them. Discovering Andrew was into “musical theatre” a surprise to no one but if you were going to bet on bake off this year do remember the betting scandal last year has made that as tricky as spelling Anouk Vergedepre correctly the first time round.

2016 racing in the UK

Bet on the upcoming MotoGP instead of the Great British Bake Off! (photo:

Bet365 like most of the other more reputable online gambling sites in the UK and elsewhere have suspended all betting following the rather obvious leaking of the winner last year that saw bets in Ipswich ruin it for everyone else, and this year whilst it’s obvious Kate will have closed up to around 2/1 with Andrew likewise shifting up the possible winner’s ladder, you can’t just go out and bet on bake off anymore, which means all you can do is sit, watch and laugh at the sexual innuendos that liberally lace this ridiculously addictive televisual consumable and bet on sports in the UK at Bet365 instead.

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