Betway’s Premier League Sponsorship Continues for Further Seasons

Betway Premier League Sponsorship West Ham United

A record deal has been made, thanks to which, Betway will continue its duty in the Premier League sponsorship industry.

Online gambling news in the UK report that the deal between London based Premier League club West Ham United and the famous UK based online sportsbook, Betway, has been made. Betway’s Premier League sponsorship has officially been prolonged for three more seasons so the contract will expire at the end of season 2019-2020.

Having been in a mutual partnership for over a year and a half as Betway has been WHU’s main sponsor since February, 2015, the partnership seems to be rather beneficial for both sides, regarding how fast they managed to agree on terms. Betway’s name will remain on the front of the shirt of West Ham United so Premier League fans will see them every week.

Betway’s marketing director is pleased for the deal

The marketing director at Betway Sports, Anthony Werkman, has said that ever since the deal has been made, both sides have been pleased with the benefits of the cooperation, that’s why they prolonged the sponsorship for a longer period. In fact, not only the representatives of the online sportsbook in the UK were pleased with the deal, but the other side as well.

Karren Brady, vice-chairman at West Ham United, said that their club’s reputation as a Brand has grown much more than any other major Premier League club. It is true that gambling news daily have been mentioning the name West Ham United thanks to Betway. However, the Very Important Person forgot to mention that they have much easier job in regards of showing improvements in marketing compared to Manchester United or Chelsea…

But that’s not the point. The vice-chairman believes that the reason behind the growth of their brand is mainly thanks to their cooperation with Betway. He also added that the extra income that is generated thanks to Betway, will be invested into strengthening the squad. That might be true actually: despite all expectations, they managed to keep their biggest star, Dimitri Payet at the team.

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