Bet on Diaz vs Edwards – This Fight Will Not Be Competitive

  • The rules do not apply to Diaz
  • Edwards is the bookies favorite in this fight
Bet on Diaz vs Edwards

Bet on Diaz vs Edwards as the fight is unexpectedly set to happen at UFC 262. Although this matchup makes no sense at all, it goes to show just how much leverage Diaz has. If things go according to plans, the UFC could potentially have one of the biggest fights in their history with Diaz and Masvidal. However, before jumping to quick conclusions, how does Diaz really match up against Edwards?

Diaz Does Whatever He Wants

UFC president Dana White described Diaz as “Needle Mover” for the company. Therefore, the American mixed martial artist has a huge leverage on who he wants to fight next. Diaz chose to make his return to the octagon in May 2021 against #3 welterweight Leon Edwards. A month ago, no one would have expected this match up. Diaz is not even in the top 15 rankings in the welterweight division which shows how much leverage he has. However, the storyline that the UFC and Diaz might be trying to make is a potential future rematch against Masvidal who will be fighting for the belt in April. If Masvidal becomes the champion, and Diaz comes out on top against Edwards, a rematch between the two would be one the biggest fights of 2021. So, what are Diaz’s chances in his upcoming bout? And who to pick when you bet on Diaz vs Edwards?

Bet on Diaz vs Edwards

Bet on Diaz vs Edwards – This is an Easy Choice

Although Nate is one of the biggest stars with a unique set of skills, he is not a “real” welterweight. The majority of his career was at lightweight, and he holds a record of 3 wins and 5 losses at welterweight. Therefore, comparing him to Edwards, who is on an 8-fight winning streak, Diaz’s chances are not great. Leon Edwards ran through the welterweight division and his last loss was against current champion Kamaru Usman in 2015. As a result, online sportsbook sites in the US have Diaz open as an underdog in this bout. For instance, at 22BET Sportsbook, betting odds for Nate to win are 4.16. On the other hand, Leon Edwards opens up as a huge favorite with odds of 1.26. Frankly, this should be an easy choice when you bet on Diaz vs Edwards. It will take something special for Diaz to win this fight.

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