2021 Serie A Relegation Odds Indicate Parma and Cagliari to Likely Join Cortone

  • Parma secured only one win in 2021
  • Cagliari seem unable to get out of relegation
  • Benevento got only one victory from the last 13 games
2021 Serie A relegation odds

Serie A’s 2021 season is nearing the end, with only eight games left for each contender. The competition is not only heating up on the top of the table but also at the bottom. We look at the teams fighting to avoid relegation, with three teams emerging as the favorites to fail to get into safety. Cortone are firmly going down. Besides, Parma and Cagliari will likely join Cortone, according to 2021 Serie A relegation odds.

Most online sportsbook news sites in Italy have been focusing on Inter as the potential Serie A title winner. You can still bet on Inter to win Serie A, with intriguing odds at BetVictor. But what about the other end of the table? Who will manage to stay and who will do down to Serie B?

There are very interesting special bets on 2021 Serie A. Among these bets, the 2021 Serie A relegation odds have a great value. They do not include Cortone at the rock bottom, as they are 12 points away from safety. It is almost impossible for Cortone to avoid relegation. But, the other two spots might be occupied by different teams at the end of the season. At this point, Parma and Cagliari are sitting in relegation above Cortone. It is hard to see them escape relegation. However, if that happens, although unlikely, Benevento may occupy one of the two spots.

Parma are top favorites at 2021 Serie A relegation odds

2021 Serie A relegation odds
Parma football club – Image via Wikimedia

Parma have been really struggling in league fixtures throughout the season. Looking at their 2021 campaign, they only secured one win. It was over Roma on 14 March. However, they fell again into a couple of defeats to AC Milan and Genoa and a draw with Benevento. What awaits Parma next are a couple of easy games against bottom Cortone and Cagliari. Afterward, Parma will get into extremely tough games against Juventus and Lazio. As for now, Parma are on top of the 2021 Serie A relegation odds with a 1/20 value at BetVictor.

Cagliari have a solid team but no good results

This is another massive favorite to go down to Serie B with a 1/6 odds. Although Cagliari have a solid head coach Eusebio Di Francesco, they are currently five points away from safety. Cagliari were much hopeful in the early days of the season, but they slowly sunk to the relegation zone and seem unable to get out of it. Despite that Cagliari bought several well-experienced players in Serie A in the winter market, they remain in trouble. So, basically, there are no signs yet for Cagliari to escape relegation.

Other teams that may face a serious threat of relegation

There are few other teams that are very much at risk as the 2021 Serie A relegation odds suggest. The newcomers Benevento are one of these teams with a 10/1 value to slip down to the relegation zone. The team under the management of Flippo Inzaghi managed to get only one win from the last 13 games. That is certainly a big disappointment.

Torino is another team close to relegation with 10/3 odds. But, their recent results were very solid, losing only once in the last four games. If they remain to perform at such a level, they will likely survive. The last candidate is Spezia (14/1) who have lately jumped from the 16th to 14th place in the table. They are ten points clear of relegation, thus they will probably stay in Serie A next season.

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