Bet On F1 Providing A Predictable German GP…..Unless It Rains.

German Grand Prix

With the Hungarian Grand Prix seeing Lewis Hamilton bound by team mate Nico Rosberg to take the lead in the World Championship by a slim margin, which of the Mercedes men will the German Grand Prix crowds see win, or will their ongoing feud see someone else take advantage of their distraction?

German Grand Prix

  • Location – Hockenheim
  • Track Length – 4.74km
  • Number of Laps – 67
  • No. GP – 75 (since 1926)

Formula One had an event of two halves last weekend when the Hungarian Grand Prix proved that F1 is still the only sport in the world that is better to watch when it’s raining. Saturday was so wet there’s footage of the safety car driving through puddles that could have staged a qualifying event for the 2016 Rio Olympic swim teams let alone for F1 teams, and the result was quite a dramatic tense qualifying that saw Nico Rosberg just pip Hamilton to pole position, but sadly for race day on Sunday the sun came out and you can always bet on F1 to be dull when the weather’s good.

Bet On F1 In Germany

  • Lewis Hamilton – 8/11
  • Nico Rosberg – 9/4
  • Sebastian Vettel – 8/1
  • Ricciardo & Vestappen 14/1
  • Raikkonen – 20/1

With no collisions in the first few corners it seemed someone had been having stern words with the battling Mercedes brothers, and the entire race settled down into a vague parade of repetitive lap times that saw Lewis Hamilton win, Rosberg pull in having got second and Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull grabbing third. For those that regularly take advantage of German gambling laws to bet on F1 the result was interesting but unsurprising. Hamilton now leapfrogs 6 points ahead of Rosberg, but next up is the German’s home Grand Prix.

Will There Be Four Germans On The Grid In Hockenheim?

Usually there’s a couple of weeks between Grand Prix events but that’s halved in this portion of the season so you can bet on F1 teams having very little time to dash from the Hungaroring to Hockenheim, but as they scurry to keep up, everyone else is wondering just how much a home tarmac advantage exists, and whether Nico Rosberg can pull a win off in front of his home crowd, as will fellow Germans Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari, Nico Hulkenberg at Force India, and Pascal Wehrlein at MRT Mercedes, but should you back any of them at Bet365? Well in short, probably not.


Could German racer Vettel be a surprise winner? (Photo: Sky Sports)

Sadly none of the others can realistically expect to win. With half the season done and dusted it has only been Max Verstappen winning in Spain for Red Bull that has prevented the silver arrows winning every race, so the battle twixt these two will be key. If you’re German gambling news on Monday will be of Rosberg having thrown his toys out of the pram and done something precipitate on track the day before, you could well be right. You can always bet on F1 to bring out the idiot in some drivers.

Bet On F1 At Bet365 This Weekend

Whilst turn one in Hockenheim is a moderate right hander it’s the two-three-four combination where things will get interesting, the opening lap then boosts down through the Parabolika to the classic hairpin, and that’s where much of the early part of the race will be decided, and you can bet on F1 drivers all knowing it. Rosberg (9/4 at Bet365) and Hamilton (8/11) will more than likely go into that one neck and neck, and it’ll be interesting to see which, if either of them, comes out of it towards turn seven.

Of course if you’re apt to bet on sports in Germany Vettel at Ferrari, 8/1 at Bet365 to win, will be an eager German gambling laws of racing will be forgotten and he’ll be able to capitalize on any mistakes the boys at Mercedes make as they concentrate on each other not the competition, but Ricciardo and Vestappen, both 14/1, will be looking to do the same and the middle of the pack could be just as dramatic as the front of the field in those opening stages. Of course with any luck it will rain and in the rain you can bet on F1 at least being a spectacle.

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