Betting Tips for Champions League Tonight

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We aim to give you some of the best betting tips for Champions League tonight, so expect some big wins!

It is obvious – and not even online sportsbooks in EU try to deny this – that the second legs are more exciting than the first ones, but this round shouldn’t be expected to be boring at all. In fact, some great teams will face each other in hopes of qualifying for the next round. Let’s see what’s going to happen and what our best tips for Champions League tonight are!

Bet on Astana v Celtic

Scottish Champion Celtic FC have been pranked by Gribraltar’s reigning champions, Lincoln Red Imps. The underdogs won 1-0 at home but have failed to make a miracle in Scotland. Celtic easily qualified thanks to its 3-0 victory. Their opponent in this round is not that much stronger than the Red Imps: The Kazakh champions, Astana are waiting for them.

Since we can imagine Celtic not taking their opponent seriously once again, but we can also expect the Kazakh team to be unable to handle the situation, the best betting tips for Champions League tonight can be that as few goals will be scored as possible. Under 1,5 pays well enough at Bet365. The odds for this are 2.5 (3/2).

The best betting tips for Champions League tonight: Astra v FC Köbenhavn

The Danish champion are facing the Romanian champions and this will be the very first real battle for both sides. Astra just joined the competition while FCK already participated in the previous round as well, but Northern Irish Crusaders were no match for the Danes: they went on with a humiliating aggregated result of 9-0. 6-0 in Copenhagen.

Astra Copenhagen

Bet on Astra v FC Köbenhavn

It’s obvious that the Romanians will be a much tougher challenge than Crusaders have been for FCK, online sportsbooks also expect a tight battle. The odds for FCK, draw and Astra are respectively 2.3 (13/10), 3.00 (2/1) and 3.3 (23/10) at BetVictor. In a situation like this, it seems to be a cool idea to bet on half time / full time. The draw / draw market pays at 4.5 (7/2).

Fenerbahce v Monaco betting: who will qualify?

And we arrived to the most exciting encounter of the Champions League Qualifiers so far. Fenerbahce or Monaco, Monaco or Fenerbahce? Both teams are frequent members of the group stages of the Champions League, yet one of them will have to quit the competition before even reaching the Play-Offs. But which one will it be?

Online betting news in France as well as in Turkey remain indecisive. Both Fenerbahce and Monaco have the same betting odds for winning the first game: 2.7 (17/10) at Bet365, while the draw pays at 3.2 (11/5). Maybe a draw seems like a fair bet for the first leg. It will definitely be the most interesting match of the Champions League Qualification’s Third Round.

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