Bet on Floorball World Championship 2018: Anyone but Sweden!

Sweden are by far the strongest and best floorball team in history, hence their 1.35 odds to win. Finland has chances to beat them – they go at 3.00. Other teams are seemingly ahead of an impossible task. Can they still make it? Bet on Floorball World Championship 2018!

Bet on Floorball
The World Championship is coming up – make sure you bet on floorball ASAP!

Floorball World Championship 2018 is coming up and ahead of the tournament, we were curious to find the best sites to bet on floorball. Vbet Sportsbook came as winner of our research, so we will analyse their Floorball betting odds. We will also try to see if anyone has a chance to beat the favourite team of Swedish online sports betting sites this year.

Bet on Floorball World Championship 2018!

Floorball betting odds is a topic that’s worth talking about as the 2018 Floorball World Championship is coming up in December. The tournament will be held from 1 to 9 December. Prague gives venue to the event. Sweden are by far the greatest team as you can see from the odds. But the odds are there to upset them. Can any team shock us by beating the title-favourite?

Bet on Sweden, the King of Floorball!

If you want to go for certain, you should pick Sweden to win Floorball World Championship 2018. Online sportsbooks in Sweden are so sure of it, they gave 1.35 odds for Sweden to win again. Again, because they are the greatest record breaking team in the history of this sport. Sweden organized the very first Floorball World Championship ever, back in 1996.

Bet on Floorball World Championship 2018
Sweden made it to the final in 2016…

That year, the home team won. And Sweden won the following 5 tournaments as well. Floorball World Championships are a biannual event. So far, there have been 11 of them. Sweden won 8. They won 73% of Floorball World Championships. Will they increase their statistics up to 75% in Prague? Having them win the 9th pays at 1.35…

Finalnd seeks Floorball glory in Prague

Despite the obvious Swedish dominance that exists in the world of floorball, Sweden are not the title-holders this year. Which might give them even more motivation to win again, but also, it could give extra boost to the actual holders. Sweden’s only real challenger is seemingly the Finnish team so far.

They won 3 times up until today. Actually, they are the only team to ever win Floorball World Championship apart from Sweden. They won in 2016, beating Sweden in the final. They lost 6 finals to Sweden in the past. No wonder their Floorball World Championship winning odds are 3.00.

Bet on Floorball World Championship 2018
The Finnish team beat Sweden in the final in 2016. Can they repeat?

2018 to bring historic first-time winners?

Sites in the online sportsbook directory don’t think so, but this year might be different. 2018 could be the year when the Swedish floorball hegemony is finally broken. Hosting nation Czech Republic could be the one to win, for example. Their odds are 40.00. Obviously, they are underdogs.

Another relatively successful floorball team comes from Switzerland. Their outright odds are 10.00. They’ve made it to the final once before – in Prague. They play in Prague again. That must mean something! Maybe this year, they could even beat Sweden in Prague in the final, unlike last time back in 1998.

Pick the black horse!

  • Bet on Norway to win: 250.00
  • Bet on Switzerland to win: 10.00
  • Bet on Finland to win: 3.00
  • Bet on Sweden to win: 1.35

The fifth biggest favourite by online sports betting in Sweden is Norway. Their outright Floorball World Championship 2018 winner odds are 250.00. Of course, impossible is nothing, but maybe you want to go and pick one of the first 4 favourites. We hope for an exciting tournament full of surprises.

To make the tournament more exciting and more enjoyable for yourself, you better check out the betting markets at Vbet Sportsbook. You can bet on the underdogs who seemingly have no chance. Pick your favourite, bet on them and cheer for them till they last – maybe they will become the historic team to break the Swedish-Finnish dominance in floorball?

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