NBA Eastern Conference Betting Predictions in Favour of the Raptors

Last season, the NBA Eastern Conference was won by the Cleveland Cavaliers but now that they do not have LeBron James, any of their rivals could beat them if they qualify to the playoffs. What team would that be? Check out our NBA Eastern Conference betting predictions!

NBA Eastern Conference Betting Predictions
Can the Cavaliers defend their title?

LeBron James has been the star of the Eastern Conference for nearly a decade. His team would always manage to be the Eastern Conference Finals. Then make it to the NBA Finals. Previously, LeBron was an essential part of the Miami Heat’s “Big Three” with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. They were Eastern Conference winners from 2011 till 2014.

That was when LeBron joined the Cleveland Cavaliers. He formed a new big 3 with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. Moreover, his Cavaliers team also won the conference four times. Currently, LeBron James is in the Western Conference, so Eastern Conference betting predictions will be affected. The Eastern Conference will see new stars rise up to fill the void. But first let’s look at the structure of the playoffs.

NBA Eastern Conference Betting Predictions Cleveland Cavaliers
No more LeBron for the Cavaliers!

Structure of the NBA playoffs

The Eastern Conference finals is a part of the NBA playoffs. The playoffs are a postseason tournament usually between April and June. The playoffs have 4 phases, the First Round where random teams of one conference face each other off. The conference semi-finals follow. The Conference Finals precedes the NBA Finals. The NBA has 2 conferences. These are the Eastern and the Western Conference. This article focuses on the Eastern Conference betting predictions.

NBA Eastern Conference betting predictions

In the past decade, Celtics have a LeBron as their direct foe. Whenever they faced off with a LeBron team in the Eastern Conference they would lose. According to online sportsbook news sites in the USA, they last won in 2010. With LeBron gone, they can capitalize on this opportunity. Eastern Conference betting predictions will have the Celtics as one of the favorites. Also, their team is also fortified by Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward. Who both stand the chance of winning the Most Valuable Player of the year award. The Celtics don’t have any lack of talented young players. In addition, their odds are +235.

Toronto Raptors +200
Boston Celtics +235
Philadelphia 76ers +300
Milwaukee Bucks +600
Charlotte Hornets +3000
Detroit Pistons +3000
Indiana Pacers +3000

Toronto Raptors have odds of +200 at Bovada Sportbook. Besides the Celtics, Eastern Conference betting predictions have the Raptors as the other favorites. It would not be surprising if these two teams were in the Eastern Conference Finals. Kawhi Leonard is the Raptor’s MVP contender. Nick Nurse, their new coach, sees him as a leader on the basketball court. Also, with the guidance of Nick Nurse, perhaps the team can be the next Eastern Conference champion.

According to online sportsbook sites in the USA, the 76ers have odds of +300. Thus the odds range of the top three is really tight. The Philadelphia team can surprise the favorites. They have Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. The 76ers could be our answer to our Eastern Conference betting predictions if they play well.

Interested in the other division’s chances as well? Check out the NBA Western Conference winner odds as well!

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