Bet on HS Battlegrounds: The Latest Emerging Entrant of the Autobattler Market

  • Hearthstone's autobattler is the newest on the market
  • Blizzard created the most unique game of the genre
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After the appearance of this new genre, all of the big game companies created their versions. Despite Blizzard only released Hearthstone Battlegrounds in November, it can be the biggest success of its kind. We expect that in 2020 the betting on autobattlers will go viral. Therefore, if you bet on eSport, you should bet on HS Battlegrounds as well.

After each other, newer and newer autobattlers attacked the market. These games are all based on the original conception which is crated for a “game-mode competition” in Dota 2. However, since then, Blizzard created the first original option for this play-method. That’s why we support Hearthstone Battlegrounds that much. Instead of copying all the mechanics of the previous one, they created something new. But still, something that satisfies all the players who have a desire for some mind-games with high RNG. (If you don’t know what RNG means just read MUO’s article)

We expect a lot of Hearthstone wagers at the online sportsbooks in South Korea. Even more, 2020 betting predictions picture that if you bet on HS Battlegrounds or any autobattlers, you can count with high odds. If you find eSport betting interesting and you would like to try something else, you should bet on auto chess games. It can be especially rewarding if you bet on TFT, because, Teamfight Tactics is the most played of its genre.

How to bet on Hs Battlegrounds?

Probably it’s missed out from our latest review about 22bet that they are offering the most popular eSport wagers. There are endless video-game specialized gambling pages but 22bet is the most trustworthy and they have the highest multipliers.

How can I learn more about the game?

If you would like to play the game competitively you must be aware of the newest patches and balance changes. You must play the way which is the strongest at the moment. To learn these tricks I suggest to you to check out Disguised Toast, who is a smart-ass streamer. Right now, in my opinion, he has the most educative and entertaining content in the autobattler topic.

If you would like to learn the basics, the game offers a quite useful tutorial. After you have the necessary knowledge and you bet on HS Battlegrounds, you can expect exciting tournaments with high odds.

By the way, the most important part is to play with the game and come before the actual changes. If you would like to master this autobattler here is my article which helps you to learn the up to date strategies and synergies: How to play Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

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