Bet on TFT: The Most Played Autobattler Will Offer Long Odds

  • Teamfight Tactics is the most played autobattler
  • Riot's extra features make this game extremely enjoyable
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At this moment, Riot’s new Leauge of Legends mode is probably the most popular autobattler on the market. If you bet on TFT, you can expect new players with high odds and familiar names that became famous years before in other logic PC game competitions.

2020’s biggest innovation will be the option to bet on auto chess. This new game genre includes a high RNG factor. (If you never heard about this acronym, MUO’s article will explain to you everything you have to know.) That’s why online sportsbooks in South Korea offer long odds even for the top tier players.

Teamfight Tactics have already hit more than 33 million players per month in September. However, this number is lower now because of the enter of other autobattlers into the market. Still, we expect Riot will keep its first place and also online gambling sites in South Korea will privilege their version.

How to bet on TFT

If you take a glimpse at our latest review about 22bet you can see that they are offering the most popular eSport wagers on the internet. There are plenty of other gamer-friendly gambling pages where you can bet on Teamfight Tactics. But still, 22bet is the most trustworthy and has the highest multipliers. Even more, in the live bet section, you can find plenty of eSport wagers as well. You can even bet on mobile games or you can also bet on old games.

How can I learn more about the game?

First of all, I Will share with you my favourite streamer who has the most educative but still entertaining content on the Internet. The famous Disguised Toast. At this moment, he is also into HearthStones’ autobattler. His videos will teach you all the necessary knowledge to start the game. Even more, if you would like to play competitively, you can learn loads of tricks from this guy.

If you would like to bet on auto chess variations, you should try out to bet on HS Battlegrounds. Disguised Toast didn’t play Hearthstone for a while, even if his name is coming from a quote that said in the game. But now, Blizzard’s option for this new genre changed everything. I think that’s the biggest evidence for that Hearthstone Battlegrounds will mean a concurrence to Teamfight Tactics.

Another essential thing is to follow the changes in the gameplay if you want to bet on TFT. Autobattlers are outstanding because they change very fast. Not just the meta but even the look of the battleground and the possible synergies etc. Stay tuned and try to come before the actual patches. Read articles and guides. If you are interested in other auto chess games, I can help you to master. Here is my guide: How to play Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

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