Bet on King of Glory – Honor of Kings Betting in 2021

  • King of Glory is the most popular mobile MOBA
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Bet on King of Glory
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If you are interested in the emerging betting markets, or Chinese esports, don’t miss placing a bet on King of Glory. Learn more about the world’s most adventurous mobile game and the related wagers at the 22BET Sportsbook.

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Even if Chinese gambling laws forbid any kind of online gambling, there are plenty of options in each region. Also, as China is one of the biggest video game world-powers, esports betting nearly became part of their culture. But esports is just the tip of the iceberg. You can even place a bet on mobile games since smartphones became as strong as a computer, and mobile software are neck by neck the regular PC developments. So, join our journey to discover how to bet on King of Glory, (also known as Honor of Kings), one of the most played and probably the most competitive mobile games on the globe. Even more, we will inspect the actual King of Glory odds at the 22BET Sportsbook to help you to join the virtual ventures.

What is King of Glory Exactly?

King of Glory is the most popular multiplayer online battle arena, aka. MOBA game on mobile platforms. Even more, it’s the first of its kind. In this year February, King of Glory was the second highest-earning mobile game on the globe. Its gross revenue was $218.5 million. The other factor that can easily explain its success that the game is mostly based on League of Legends, the most played and most popular MOBA in the world as Tencent the creator of KoG and Riot Games, the creator of LoL are closely related companies.

It’s also important to highlight that 95% of KoG’s revenue, thus most of its players are coming from China. That’s why online sportsbooks in China pay a lot of attention to this fascinating mobile application and making a bet on King of Glory each time a big tournament appears. Honor of Kings is available both on iOS and Android. As it’s the development of Tencent, you can join the game via a Tencent QQ account, or via WeChat. However, the game itself is cross-platform, thus all the players participate in the same matchmaking.

Who Should Bet on King of Glory?

Basically, anyone who likes betting on League of Legends will love to bet on King of Glory as it’s based on Riot’s most successful software. Still, most of the visual elements are different, just like the playable characters everything is based on the same system and balance. Still, somehow it’s different, thus it can give you and extra juice to your MOBA wagers.

Also, if you like to bet on mobile games, you shouldn’t miss a bet on King of Glory either. Or, if you like to play Honor of Kings, you should check out the related odds at the 22BET Sportsbook. This way, you can join brand-new levels of virtual ventures.

Bet on King of Glory
Mobile games are getting more and more popular

Where to Bet on King of Glory?

Previously in this article we already mentioned 22BET. They probably have most of the betting markets among the popular and trustworthy sites. Thus, your best choice if you take a glimpse at 22BET Sportsbook’s esports section, and you will find all the actual Honor of Kings betting options available online. By the way, if 22BET isn’t available in your region, check out our online sportsbook directory that automatically adapts to the IP address you are using and shows you the best virtual bookies operating in your country.

Actual Honor of Kings Betting Options (17-06-21)

At this moment, there isn’t any long-term bet on King of Glory. However, KPL and Nest (probably the most prestigious Honor of Kings esports tournament) is still running for a few more months. Stay tuned with 22BET to discover the new KoG betting odds day by day.

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