Bet On Newcastle Vs Aston Villa This Weekend? Why not….?

Newcastle vs Aston Villa

Top UK online sportsbooks like Bet365 are giving such low odds that if you bet on Newcastle vs Aston Villa this weekend you’ll have to put quite the stake down to get a return, but never has a result been more certain than the boys from Brum going home with another of the many Premier League defeats they’ve suffered this season under their belt.

Perhaps it has been the fear of Premier League relegation that has caused the upswing in Newcastle‘s Premier League results recently, just a couple of points above the zone (and finding themselves ahead of this season’s disappointments Chelsea) they’re still not out of the woods and will look upon the visit from Villa as being an easy three points, so you can bet on Newcastle vs Aston Villa being an energetic match, albeit one that the boys from Birmingham have little chance of winning.

Playing Aston Villa is now one of the most anticipated Premier League fixtures as they seem unable to play football, their 1-1 draw against Southampton pretty much a miracle (and one Tottenham will have noted), their loss against Arsenal far more representative of their current form, and as Premier League games go this has massacre written all over it. Premier League predictions are usually tricky but not Newcastle vs Aston Villa.

Why Wouldn’t You Bet On Newcastle Vs Aston Villa?

Highlights of Tottenham vs Newcastle (Video: YouTube)

It was possibly the nasty defeat to Crystal Palace 5-1 away that galvanized the Magpies under Steve McClaren to show some of the form their Premier League players haven’t produced in quite a while with first a win against the resurgent Liverpool 2-0 and then a 2-1 win over Tottenham last weekend. On the back of these Premier League scores you can bet on Newcastle vs Aston Villa showering Premier League goals.

Under UK gambling laws the bookies, like Bet365, are giving Newcastle Vs Aston Villa such short odds they’re barely worth mentioning, 20/21 at their longest, and Aston Villa (in a two horse race) are getting an overly generous 11/4 whilst a draw between the two, which isn’t amongst this week’s safe bets, is a bizarre 12/5, however if you’re splashing your cash Premier League match betting doesn’t get much easier than sticking it all on Newcastle to batter Villa around St. James’ Park.

Above is what they managed against Spurs, away.

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