Bet on Oliveira vs Chandler For the Lightweight Belt


Posted: April 7, 2021

Updated: April 7, 2021

  • The lightweight belt is up for grabs 
  • Oliveira vs Chandler is a close fight

Bet on Oliveira vs Chandler as the UFC booked the fight for the vacant title in May of this year. This is an interesting matchup as both fighters are comfortable in striking or taking the fight to the ground. However, each of them will certainly play to their strengths. So, who will be crowned as the new lightweight champion? And who should you bet on?

The Lightweight Division is Wide Open

File:Charles Oliveira StormStrong.jpg
Charles Oliviera – Cleber Satoshi Takeuchi, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

With the retirement of arguably the greatest of all time Khabib Nurmagomedov, the Lightweight belt is up for grabs. Looking at the top five in the division, any of those fighters could potentially become a champion. However, the number one ranked Dustin Poirier is possibly the best fighter in the division right now. But the Diamond decided to pursue a trilogy fight with McGregor instead of a shot at the title. As a result, the UFC decided to go with the second-best thing and booked Oliveira vs Chandler for the vacant title. This is an interesting match as both fighters are comfortable standing up or taking the fight to the ground. It is going to be difficult to pick a winner when you bet on Oliveira vs Chandler. But who do bookies favor in this matchup?

Who should you pick when you bet on Oliveira vs Chandler?

Both fighters bring an exceptional set of skills into the octagon. For instance, Charles Oliveira is a Brazilian jujitsu expert who willingly takes his fights to the ground. “Do Bronx” currently holds the record for most submissions in UFC history at 14. Therefore, Michael Chandler will certainly try to keep the fight standing since he has one of the hardest punches in the division. Since history has shown that fighters who are superior on the ground usually win, online sportsbook sites in the United States favor Oliveira to become the next lightweight king. For instance, at 22BET Sportsbook, betting odds for the Brazilian to win are 1.75, while the odds for Chandler to win are 2.136. All in all, if Chandler does not knockout Olivera, it is going to be difficult for him to win. Therefore, your safest option when you bet on Oliveira vs Chandler is the Brazilian.

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