Bet on Sebastien Ogier as World Rally Championship 2018 Winner

World Rally Championship 2018 winner

Sebastien Ogier has been in the shadow of a man with the same name, Sebastien Loeb, for too many years. Loeb won nine consecutive World Rally Championship titles, while Ogier has won only five. So becoming World Rally Championship 2018 winner is so much more meaningful to Ogier. It means he is on his way to completely surpass his predecessor. What are Ogier’s odds of doing so?

World Rally Championship 2018 or WRC 2018 is an annual race to test the drivers as well as the manufacturers’ cars. Under a timer, the competitors will have to race in a surface ranging from gravel, tarmac to snow. Crossing the finish line with the best time guarantees a win.

According to online gambling news in France, there will be 13 rounds in WRC 2018 with race tracks around the world. The official start date is January 25 in Monte Carlo. The World Rally Championship 2018 winner will be announced in Australia on November 18 after accumulating all the scores.

World Rally Championship 2018 winner

(source: World Rally Championship)

Tension between Olgier and Loeb

The two French rally racers had a little dispute. Back in 2011, Ogier and Loeb were once in the same team. But when Ogier found out that he was not allowed to challenge Loeb, he left to be a leader of another squad in the following year. It was a right decision for him.

Since then, Ogier won the WRC titles for 5 consecutive years from 2013 to 2017. It’s still not enough to silence the voice that says Loeb, the 9-time winner, is superior. So this year, Ogier sets out for his 6th title. Online betting sites in France estimate the highest odds for Sebastien Ogier to be World Rally Championship 2018 winner at 7/4.

Who Can Prevent Ogier from Winning?

The thorn in Ogier’s side is Thierry Neuville. According to online gambling sites in France, Neuville has the second best odds at 19/10 for World Rally Championship 2018 winner title. In 2017, Neuville won 4 out of 13 rounds when Ogier only won 2. If Neuville hadn’t been off with a rough start, the winner could be him. So, Ogier has to watch this vigorous racer closely this year.

Bet on Sebastien Ogier to be Winner of World Rally Championship 2018

Sebastien Ogier (7/4) and his reputation are at stake. He has to be World Rally Championship 2018 winner if he wants out of Sebastien Loeb’s shadow. You can bet on Sebastien Ogier to win World Rally Championship 2018 at Bwin Sportsbook. If you make your first deposit now, Bwin is offering a 100% welcome bonus on your money for up to €200!

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