Bet on Smooth Radio’s Favorite Song 2020: Can George Michael Repeat His Victory?

  • Smooth Radio make a list of the Top 500 favorite songs every year
  • Last year George Michael’s Careless Whisper was the winner
  • Previous winners include Ed Sheeran and John Lennon
Bet on Smooth Radio’s favorite song 2020
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Everyone loves countdowns with the best songs from Top 40 latest songs to all-time favorites. One of the biggest British commercial radio stations, Smooth Radio is making a massive Top 500 list of the best songs ever voted by the listeners. Bet on Smooth Radio’s favorite song 2020 and find out if George Michael can win again. 

Smooth Radio’s Top 500 is an annual list, which tries to find the most popular song of all time. Of course, as we are talking about a radio which plays mostly slow songs with pop, soul and blues background, you can’t find rock bands or rappers in the nominees. Still, the choice is quite wide, from real classics like Aretha Franklin or David Bowie. And to the latest superstars like Ed Sheeran or Adele. We show you the biggest favorites and the previous winners so you can make a bet on Smooth Radio’s favorite song 2020. 

George Michael is a big favorite again in case you’d bet on Smooth Radio’s favorite song 2020

Ed Sheeran | At the age of 21, Ed Sheeran has achieved what … | Flickr
Ed Sheeran – Image via Flickr

In 2019 George Michael’s song Careless Whisper won the list, which is a really beautiful love song. It is sung by George on his pop duo, Wham’s 1984 album, Make It Big. The song was No1 in 25 countries and sold more than six million copies. And it looks like it’s still a favorite of the radio’s listeners. As it was the winner already in 2017 and finished second in the following year. No wonder, George Michael is the biggest favorite of online sportsbooks in the UK to win again, with the odds of 1.90 at 1xBet Sportsbook. 

The biggest rival seems to be the same song again, Ed Sheeran’s Perfect, which finished on top in 2018 and second last year. Though there are more than 20 years between the songs, both are big favorites thanks to their romantic lyrics and catchy tunes. Probably Ed is preferred by younger generations as he is one of today’s biggest stars with more than 150 million sold albums. Perfect appeared on his third album,  ÷  (divide) which was the best-selling album of 2017. The song itself was the No1 Christmas Song that year. It was also No1 in 16 countries including the UK and in the US. Ed has the odds of 6.00 to claim back his title on this list. 

Other great singers who can win this year

Online gambling sites in the UK are mentioning Whitney Houston and Adele as the biggest female favorites. Who can argue that both of them produced amazing songs which are loved by many people? Whitney’s soundtrack song from the film The Bodyguard,  I’ll Always Love You finished in 5th place last year. She has the odds of 8.00 to top this result in 2020. Adele was the artist of the year by Billboard in 2011, 2012 and 2016. She also received 13 Grammy Awards and sold more than 120 million albums worldwide. Her odds to win this year are 9.00 at 1xBet. 

But people can vote on bands as well, from classics like Queen and ABBA to modern pop groups like Take That and Spice Girls. Last year the Swedish pop legends, ABBA finished in the best position, in 6th place with Dancing Queen.  They were the most popular band of all time with 14 songs on the list. They have the odds of 13.00 to win the list. While another great performer, Fleetwood Mac has the odds of 23.00. The British-American rock band is still a huge favorite in the UK. Their song Go Your Own Way only finished outside of the Top 10 last year, finishing in 11th place. 

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