You Can Bet On The Grand Tour 2 To Be Better Than The First

Bet on the Grand Tour

The first series done and dusted the post Top Gear trio of Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson have been dropping hints and teasers for their upcoming new series and whilst you shouldn’t bet on the Grand Tour 2 to be perfect, you can almost certainly wager on it being better this time round, with more antics, faster cars and, along with a new driver perhaps a greater sense of itself as it finds a firm foothold at Amazon and looks set to once again add to the corporate coffers.

  • Can the trio double Amazon’s subscribers again this year?
  • Will Richard Hammond kill himself before series three?
  • Should James May quit after this series of the Grand Tour?
  • Is Jeremy Clarkson’s health going to be an issue?

The publicity machine has shifted into high gear as the lynch pin show for Amazon revs up for a second season and there’s been no end to the rumour mill’s grinding, the twittering press reports and carefully choreographed teasers that have emanated from the show itself. Snow capped mountains, expensive super cars, and “Live & Let Die” by Paul McCartney and Wings made it look like we can bet on the Grand Tour to do more, go further and probably do it faster, despite all the issues in the off season.

Twixt last series and this new one about to start on December 8th Richard Hammond managed to bin a Rimac Concept One electrically powered supercar, in Switzerland of all placed, escaping with only a fractured knee rather than the brain damage his last TV induced car crash caused him, whilst Jeremy Clarkson has had pneumonia that all but killed him. Indeed you can probably bet on the Grand Tour to see off at least one of it’s hosts in due course although betting on it would break UK gambling laws.

Richard Hammond Has Two Accidents Filming One Series

Grand Tour 2

  • December 8th
  • Amazon Prime
  • Richard Hammond
  • Jeremy Clarkson
  • James May
  • “How hard can it be?”

Meanwhile we’ve starting hearing about the segments that won’t make the edit this season, and the best news is that they’re getting rid of the American Mike Skinner who had all the charm of a thrown knife and less vocabulary. Indeed part of the publicity drive for series 2 has been based around auditions for his replacement and of course you can bet on the Grand Tour to attract all the crazies so clips so far have included a stunt driver, a former car thief and an ex-Formula One driver, Mark Webber.

The American departing is not the only part of the show bidding bon voyage from the dockside as this series sails. Whilst the tent is back it won’t be moving, the Grand Tour studio not really touring at all and in fact staying firmly in the Cotswolds, mostly to keep the hosts nearer home when not filming their pieces from Croatia, Mozambique, Dubai, Colorado and New York. This will at least mean you can bet on sports in the UK this winter and not necessarily on how soon Richard Hammond will top himself.

Bet on the Grand Tour

Mark Webber (source: Chopard)

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Whatever the precise ingredients included, the original flavor will still be there. As James May insists whilst it began as a show about cars it has now morphed so that you can now bet on the Grand Tour to focus far more on the “sitcom element” of the relationship between the three hosts rather than the specifications of the latest low slung sports stars, and you won’t find anyone in the UK gambling news headlines about about their health issues will put people off tuning into watch the three of them hate each other.

Amazon, meanwhile, will have bet on the Grand Tour to bring in more customers for their subscription TV service, Amazon Video, the massive two hundred and fifty million quid investment in this big name show and it’s three, perhaps four, expensive stars doubling their viewers last season, something they’ll want to see them do again this time round. Can they manage it? Well, as Clarkson himself is apt to say to the rest of the team in tones of supreme confidence; “How hard can it be?” We just have to wait till December to see.

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