Berlin Errant Radiation Investigation Uncovers Gambling Scam

Gambling Scam

Many a gambling scam has come to light because someone talked, someone got caught, or the technology involved was just a bit too complex to operate without casino security throwing you out. However the most recent to hit the headlines involved a radioactive substance, a garbage truck and a year of the Berlin police reliving the nineteen seventies. And you wonder why people stay home and gambling on sites like BetVictor instead?

  • Radiation in garbage truck
  • Year long investigation
  • Iodine-125 traced
  • Restaurant in Berlin
  • 13 Marked Cards
  • Police seal off area

Mention Berlin and traces of radiation to most Europeans and they’ll instantly hark back to the stable era of the Cold War when we’d have gotten a civilized three minute warning that civilization was about to end on the tip of an SS-20 ICBM. This compares rather favourably with today when without so much as a by your leave we can be stabbed, shot or run over by religious lunatics. It’s hard to make the Red Army and nuclear oblivion look like the urbane option, but Islamic State have managed it.

Unfortunately whilst any German gambling news headlines concerning trace amounts of radiation being found in a garbage truck might well have been tempted to play the odds and believe this was terrorists stepping up their game, or perhaps another one of Vladimir Putin s puppets was wandering about with some Polonium in their pocket ready to do another Alexander Litvinenko on someone, they would have been been on a loser, because this wasn’t an assassination or attack, it was just a gambling scam.

They Go Through Your Garbage Just To Be Sure

Gambling Scam

Marking cards is an old favourite among those perpetrating a gambling scam, which is why Casinos so frequently change their packs, however you have to be a special kind of stupid in this day and age to use a radioactive substance to do it. With the vast majority of the world’s security services desperately attempting to justify their budgets and curtailment of civil liberties because a few nutters with knives have got a bit stabby, it is sheer folly to use medical grade Iodine-125 to mark cards in any city.

Any German gambling laws on civil liberties preclude the authorities sifting through their garbage might be disagreeably surprised to find that a year after a “routine check” on a garbage truck the police in Berlin managed to trace the traces back to a restaurant where several cards were found to be tainted with the Iodine. The restaurant is not licensed for gambling however it is hardly a great leap of the imagination to think that these cards were to be used to perpetrate some sort of gambling scam.

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Gambling Scam

Sealing off the area for a “cleaning” the German police were at pains to point out there was no danger of wider contamination and that the levels of radiation present were not harmful to health, however given the time and effort that was obviously placed into this investigation (a year’s worth of overtime?) it is clear that’s not what they were thinking prior to finding out it was merely a German gambling scam, and one has to wonder just how much time the Berlin police spent out in the cold over the last 12 months.

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The rightful paranoia about nuclear terrorism, left over from the cold war, destined this gambling scam to be discovered eventually, even if it did take them a year, and doubtless investigations will continue further into the hows and whys, which will at least keep the German police busy. Meanwhile the rest of us can avoid this sort of gambling scam simply by placing a bet on sports in Germany on BetVictor instead, who can be guaranteed not to cheat you (or poison you with radioactive isotopes).

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