Bet On The US 2020 Election Nominees As Primaries Loom

  • The US Campaign Kicks Up A Gear After The Holidays
  • Bet On The US 2020 Election Nominees At Bovada Now
  • Polls Give Joe Biden Edge In Iowa’s Democratic Primary
Bet On The US 2020 Election Nominees
Image source: Tom Arthur from Orange, CA, United States [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

All the candidates are positioning themselves to go into the Christmas holidays with a good run ahead to Iowa. Online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada currently give Biden the edge in first ballot box test. Iowa isn’t, however, the only state with a February primary and it’s a long way to November. That makes a bet on the US 2020 election nominees more interesting but also more risky. So which of the remaining candidates is worth staking your money on? Let’s see.

Joe Biden has bounced back. His resurgence to the top of the polls puts him well in front of his rivals. It can thus appear that the best bet on the US 2020 election nominees is to back him. This, however, could be a mistake. Joe is more than capable of kicking the ladder from under himself at a moment’s notice. Despite the 11/4 he gets at the bookies to get the Democrat nod, upsets do happen. Joe Biden and the Democrats will all have seen the surprising UK election results.  

Presidential Election Odds at Bovada

  • Mike Pence – 50/1
  • Andrew Yang – 30/1
  • Michael Bloomberg – 16/1
  • Elizabeth Warren – 9/1
  • Pete Buttigieg – 9/1
  • Bernie Sanders – 9/1
  • Joe Biden – 6/1
  • Donald Trump – Evens

The massive Conservative victory in the UK was entirely due to Jeremy Corbyn being unlikeable. Jeremy wasn’t popular so Labour lost. The Democrats may face similar issues if they pick the wrong runner. Just what makes a candidate popular to those who like to bet on sports in the US is debatable. You can bet on the US 2020 election nominees needing a far wider appeal than some are managing. Elizabeth Warren has unsurprisingly sunk to 9/2 at the bookies like Bovada. 

Biden & Sanders Rise As Warren & Buttigieg Fall 

Lamentably too many in the US perceive Elizabeth Warren as Hillary Clinton two-point-oh. This might not be true, but perceptions are fickle things. This has been to the benefit of Biden. His performance in the debates was less than stellar. Now he’s numerically the best bet on the US 2020 election nominees again. This is partly because of his standing in the party, but mostly because of Trump. The President’s constant attacks on Biden serving to rally support for Biden. 

Bet On The US 2020 Election Nominees
Image source: U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Cristian L. Ricardo [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The impeachment investigations have Biden at their heart. It was pursuing dirt on him, or his son Hunter, that saw Trump make the infamous Ukraine call. This has made Biden the natural home of the anti-Trump voting core. This is a sizeable base to cultivate. The poll numbers suggest Biden is gaining with every Presidential tweet storm. A better bet on the US 2020 election nominees is hard to find right now. Even at Bovada, one of the best online betting sites in the US

Bet On US 2020 Election Nominees At Bovada Today

The problem is that Bernie Sanders is getting 4/1. That puts him in second place behind Biden, but Bernie is toxic. He’s so left wing he flies in circles. So, to a lot of middle America, he’s as unacceptable as Jeremy Corbyn in the UK. Where the Democrats should have a rival for Joe, a realistic option, they have the unacceptable. Warren and Sanders aren’t a good bet on the US 2020 election nominees for that reason. The rest of the field suffers from other issues entirely.

Democratic Nominee Odds at Bovada

  • Andrew Yang – 16/1
  • Michael Bloomberg – 9/1
  • Pete Buttigieg – 4/1
  • Bernie Sanders – 4/1
  • Elizabeth Warren – 9/2
  • Joe Biden – 11/4

Pete Buttigieg has seen his support slide a bit. He’s now only 4/1 to get the gig. This is partly because of fiscal question marks, but more due to inexperience. His youthful vitality is great, his only having ever been a mayor, not so much. The American people will have a stark choice in November, regardless. Anyone in the US gambling laws of common sense will see the best person win needs to wake up and probably shouldn’t bet on the US 2020 election nominees.

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