Bet on Time’s Person of the Year 2021: Best Odds on Healthcare Workers

  • Time Magazine’s Person of the Year is a special issue dedicated to the ones who had the biggest impact on the previous year 
  • The featured person group or movement is announced at the end of the year
  • Early odds are already out to bet on Time's Person of the Year 2021
Bet on Time’s Person of the Year 2021
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Famous New York City-based magazine Time is about to publish their annual special issue, Person of the Year. Formerly called Man or Woman of the year, is the idea of dedicating special attention to a person or group with major influence on the previous year. As they state in Time, “for better or for worse…”. The special issue profiles the work of a person, group or idea that shaped the current year. Bet on Time’s person of the year 2021, it sure will be one hell of a ride. 

Time magazine originally came up with the idea to contemplate the newsmakers of the year. The paper featured both achievement and embarrassment, which later expanded to other influencers of the US, then worldwide. Despite Time’s claim on both negative and positive figures, the special issue mostly reflects positive influence, due to previous controversial events. The decision does not only made by editors, the magazine also holds an online poll for readers to make their bet on Times’s person of the year. For the year 2021, Unibet Sportsbook features the predictions on who is most likely to be selected, including a various list of individuals, groups and even social movements. Having read the candidates with the best odds, make your bet on Time’s person of the year. Decide who you think will have the biggest influence on the year!

Biggest influencers from time to time

Bet on Time’s Person of the Year 2021
Anthony Fauci – NIAID, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Before taking a look at possible candidates, let us give a quick background. Ther are some selected themes to observe. Since 1927, Time magazine has named a Person of the Year, a living symbol of the year that was. If looking for a theme, so far every US President has been in this issue at least once. Consequently, for Person of the Year 2020, Time’s announced Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as a pair. This was the first time for a vice-president ever to be selected. Chief editor Edward Felsenthal stated; “changing the American story, for showing that the forces of empathy are greater than the furies of division, for sharing a vision of healing in a grieving world.” (Source: CBS News)

Online gambling sites in the UK suggest similar candidates for the new year, considering that healthcare professionals and NGO workers should not be unrecognised. In 2019, Swedish climate activist and inspiration for many, Great Thunberg was in the special issue. The now 18-year-old young woman was the youngest person in the magazine. In 2014, Ebola Fighters were the biggest influencers. This may suggest, that healthcare workers in our current lives might be in the issue once again. As for a social movement, 2017 was the year when Time’s featured the “silence breakers” who ignited the anti-harassment #MeToo movement. Let’s see who online sportsbooks in the UK suggest to bet on as Time’s Person of the Year in 2021.

Who should you bet on for Time’s Person of the Year 2021?

As suggested above, healthcare workers, Doctors, Nurses & First Responders are showing the best odds (2.25) on Unibet Sportsbook. Followed by the WHO (World Health Organization) at 4.50 odds, this year’s potential candidates definitely reflect 2020’s events as well. While Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are on the list again, with 5.00 and 7.50 odds they are less likely to be in the issue again. Dr Anthony Faucci, who is a leading fighter in the battle against the pandemic, was a possible candidate for 2020 and is again for the new year. The only movement that shows up in the top 6 best odds is the Black Lives Matter movement. It is definitely fair to argue, that BLM’s fight should be recognised and featured more openly than in previous years. On that note, visit our previous article to learn when is the right time to place your wagers. While sometimes overwhelming, to bet on Time’s Person of the Year 2021, make sure you follow the events of the world to see how appears the most in the public eye.

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