Bet on TV Shows: The Best Bachelorette Australia Odds

Bachelorette Australia odds

Tomorrow, the new bachelorette, Sophie Monk, will start her journey to find true love. Meanwhile, you can start your own journey, to make some money with the best Bachelorette Australia odds.

Sophie Monk Bachelorette odds
Sophie Monk – The Bachelorettte

The concept of The Bachelor and its spinoffs is simple as a brick, but that doesn’t take away from its entertaining factor. On September 20th the third season of the show’s gender-reversed version, The Bachelorette Australia, gets all the spotlight. We are joining 37-year-old radio and TV personality, Sophie Monk, on her quest for husband material. With the air-date approaching, more and more information was revealed about the show and the bachelorette’s expectations. Considering all those details will help you to make the best bet on The Bachelorette’s outright winner, so let’s take a look at them:

Sophie Monk’s Dream Man

Age: 30+ (silver fox)
Characteristics: down-to-earth, funny, father-type
Others: not from the entertainment industry



According to her recent interviews, it was her idea to become the next bachelorette. Her decision came after many disappointments and high-profile relationships. Monk felt like the show could be a great platform to find a guy, who are not necessarily from the business. In 2013, Monk announced on her radio show that she joined the popular dating app, Tinder, probably with no success as she’s became The Bachelorette 2017. In an interview with myGoldCoast, she admitted that the she found love on the show, which was filmed months ago, and she is struggling to keep it in secret. Though her ideal date would be over 30, Monk admitted that there were some “hot young-mature” guys casted as well.

“I’m going to embarrass my family and ruin my life.”

Stu Laundy Bachelorette Odds
Stu Laundy

Monk told News.com.au that moments before meeting face-to-face with the eligible men, she had doubts about the show. “I’m going to kill my career, kill my life,” she thought. However, once the filming began and she was introduced to the cast, she calmed down. The producer gave her full-control so Monk made it entertaining for herself as well. “I’m just going to keep you in for entertainment for me,” she said about some of the guys. “Make it fun for me!”

Comparing the season’s odds to the previous ones, it seems that the strongest contender wasn’t revealed yet. As it happened many times before, there will be intruders: late-arrivals midway the season. According to Australian gambling news, the potential winner is one of the intruders. One of the rumored intruders, Stu Laundy was photographed on set. Laundy fits most of Monks’ criteria. If he’s really part of The Bachelorette 2017, he will be the only contestant who’s over 40, which sounds like the perfect age-group for Monk.

Who is Stu Laundy?

Stu Laundy is the son of pub-magnate, Arthur laundy, and brother of federal minister, Craig Laundy. “The last publican playboy,” was supposed to have a date with Monks before, but she cancelled in the last minute. If your bet is on Stu Laundy, you will have to wait for his odds.

The Bachelorette Australia Odds – 2017 Winner Odds

Bet on The Bachelorette Australia 2017
Name Odds to win
Paddy Power 1xBet Sportsbook
Luke 5/4 5/4
Jarrod 7/2 7/2
James 5/1 5/1
Blake 7/1 7/1
Eden 15/2 15/2
Ryan 11/1 11/1
Jefferson 11/1 11/1
Sam 12/1 12/1
Brett 14/1 14/1
Mackane 14/1 14/1
Pete 16/1 16/1
Apollo 17/1 17/1
Jamie 20/1 20/1
Bingham 22/1 22/1
Chad 22/1 22/1
Jourdan 25/1 25/1
Hayden 30/1 30/1
Harry 35/1 35/1
Intruder TBA TBA

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