Bet on US Soccer: Will USA Qualify for World Cup 2018?

USA Soccer WCQ

The US team’s World Cup 2018 participation is in serious danger, howeve,r they still have time to correct their previous results…

Six teams are participating in the Northern/ and Central American region to qualify for World Cup 2018. According to online sportsbook news sites in the US, those who placed a bet on US soccer were placing a bet on the biggest favourites to win the group and qualify for World Cup 2018.

However, the US soccer team failed to live up to the expectations so far: they are standing in the 4th position, which means currently they would be forced to participate in a playoff round to be able to book a ticket to Russia. But not everything is lost yet: bet on US soccer if you think they will take advantage of their last chance!

Will the USA beat Panama and Trinidad & Tobago?

The USA will play against Panama first. If they will be able to win their match, they’d immediately overcome Panama, who are 1 point ahead of the USA in the third position. However, winning the group is already impossible for the US soccer team and they’d need tons of luck to take over Mexico too, but the third place is actually possible.

However, they cannot stop at beating Panama. If they are to proceed to Russia, the US national soccer team will also have to win their last match against Trinidad & Tobago. The online sportsbook directory predicts easy win for the US team so it might be a good idea to bet on US soccer s they are in desperate need of winning!

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